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This thought for the week is delayed from last week – because I was too busy to write it then. I was too busy because it was my son’s birthday, a great excuse to have a picture of birthday cake. I was too busy on Sunday because I had to bake 36 fairy cakes for him to take to school the next day on top of what I would normally fit in, and my normal ‘write on the blog over breakfast’ slot didn’t happen on Monday because he was opening presents before school.

I’m sure nothing bad happened because I missed my blog for one day, but it did start me thinking about priorities. Why am I so busy that being asked to make fairy cakes is stressful? There are many other examples of this ‘being too busy’. Missives from school regularly cause despondancy at ‘one more thing to fit in’. The latest is the acquisition of a pedometer where steps each day must be recorded and added to a class total. Now the son concerned is not naturally sporty or active so there are some days where the pedometer would be sadly lacking, especially at the weekends. As the class at school is very competitive by nature, this can be a problem, so long walks on the beach are our preferred solution. ‘Oh my, yet another thing to do.’ But hang on a minute. In what world is it a bad thing to have to go for a walk on the beach with your son? Hmm, the world we have created for our family by getting so busy.

The thinking I have been doing about priorities has showed me that my family must be at the top of mine. I am still too busy, and adding writing back into my life is part of what has made me so. Should I give it up, then? I don’t think so. I do need to get straight on what’s important, and I think be more present for my boys and other half. This will probably mean some things take longer. For example promotion of my book and finishing the self publishing download. But so be it. Very few people in their final hours wish they had spent less time with their family and friends.

Here, then, is a quick list of my priorities off the top of my head and for further consideration:

  1. Family (the ones that I live with)
  2. Family (siblings, parents)
  3. Home and hearth (knitting and baking fit in here đŸ™‚ )
  4. Personal, spiritual and healing development
  5. Writing

It is interesting to look at my planning sheet for this week and see that of my 5 top priorities 3 involve family in some way, one the sewing that I am working on and only one is to to with writing. So I think my priority shift might be sinking in.
What about you? What are your priorities, and does the time spent on your activities reflect them at the moment? I’d love to hear from you. Your responses help crystallise my thinking and move me forward.


I love to hear from anyone and everyone, so do let me know what you're thinking

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