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I’ve been a bit frustrated with my writing lately, as all my focussed writing time (of which there is not a huge amount available at the best of times) has been taken up with sorting out my self-publishing download. As I get to the stage of handing that over to other people for some editing, I am getting ready to move on to the next project – actually putting fingers to keyboard for Book no 3. That is the project which actually started this blog off several months ago, but which has been neglected as I focussed on these other things.
I was glad to realise, though, that without really noticing I had been making progress anyway. In the meantime I had an idea for a novel based on the life of one of my husband’s ancestors. I’ve been doing some research for that because I need to both find out more details about her life and understand more about the time in which she lived so I can put myself in her shoes to tell her story (or my imagined version of it, anyway). This research is obvious, but that on Book 3 is less so.
As that is a book about how spiritual development can get tripped up by the effect it has on our relationships with others, the research for that has been more internal. I have been continuing with my healing group, and have now actually started on my progress towards becoming a registered healer. I have talked about this more widely to others, and examined how I have felt about that. And I’ve been listening to the issues that have come up for others in my group, and how hard it can be to maintain progress in the face of scepticism and ‘naysaying’ from friends and family. I now realise that this is all rich material for the writing, which will happen soon. I will be going away next week and plan to spend a little time while I am visiting my Dad reflecting on my plans for the book and getting ready to start writing it after I come back.


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