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5:2 Diet Report no. 2

So, after my diappointment last month, I knew I couldn’t cope with waiting another 4 weeks to weigh myself. Instead I went for the opposite approach and weighed myself every day. Here’s what I discovered:

  • My scales vary a lot from one day to another – maybe they are not very good, or maybe it’s because I have them in an awkward corner where it’s hard to stand on them the same each day.
  • Reducing my calories down nearer to the guideline amount seems to have made a difference.
  • Mentally I am coping better now that I know I have lost at least a little.

This month I lost somewhere between 2 and 4 pounds, depending on which day you believe the scales. I also continued with my mini callanetics programme twice a week at home and have lost half an inch off my waist and another inch off my hips. Which is very pleasing.

This week I will only have one low-calorie day as I am away, but as this eating plan is for the long term I guess that’s nothing to worry too much about so long as I don’t go mad and eat all the butterscotch cake I made for my Dad 🙂

Hope everyone else is also pleased with their progress so far.

Update : A further update on progress so far is posted at Diet Report No 3


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  1. i like the idea of weighing every day but also it’s important to do it at the same time every day. morning is best because it won’t be too close or too far from when you’ve previously eaten or exercised, which would affect results.

  2. I went on a gluten-free diet (kinda) for headaches. Spectacular results for the headaches and I lost 5-10 pounds, mostly because it’s no fun eating anymore.

    I’ll probably stick with it.

    • Congrats on making progress on the headaches Jacqui. One of the reasons I like this eating strategy is that it is intermittent, which helps my willpower as I always know I can eat what I like the next day. I can see that might not work when you’re doing it for specific health reasons.

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