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Following on from last week’s extract from Be An Author, here we find out how the contributors made the decision as to whether they would take the traditional route or publish their book themselves.

“How did you decide whether to self-publish or find a mainstream publisher?

Simon : If possible, always go with a mainstream publisher. They’ve got the support, expertise and marketing to help you. Plus there’s more money in it. But don’t be afraid of self-publishing – it can give you a product to show around, to talk about, and a foundation from which to find a mainstream publisher.
Sallyann : I have had experience of both – and good experiences on both side. There are pros and cons with either and the best approach depends on the individual book.
Linda : That was easy because you would never find a book on Hysterectomy in a bookshop, which meant that the market would be limited and therefore unlikely that a publisher would be interested. By self-publishing it meant that almost all the RRP goes to the Association rather than the various third parties involved. I set The Hysterectomy Association up as a publisher itself instead.

So there are many factors involved, and it may well be that you end up doing both. Certainly for many, self-publishing is a step on the way to mainstream publishing.”


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