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I had a surprise the other week – our regular supply of eggs, fresh from a friend’s farm, was cut off for the winter. Apparently, hens don’t lay as many eggs in the colder months, so there aren’t enough to go round. I wonder how come I have managed to make it to the far side of my forties without knowing this? Because of supermarkets, partly, and I suppose farming methods which falsify the seasons to keep the chickens laying to fulfill demand. But I’ve always bought free range eggs, and I’ve never noticed a shortage in the winter. I was already used to seasonality of vegetables, and looking forward to runner beans when they are in season, eating more kale and leeks at this time of the year and so on. But egg shortages are a new one on me – and I do love to bake, so I get through quite a few eggs.
I do like the seasons, though. There are times of the year when it seems more a time for being home and getting on with things, others which seem more a time for being out and about. There are also activities to look forward to each season. Last night we went to see the Floodlit Gardens at Abbostsbury, and next weekend there will be a bonfire on the beach and fireworks. There’s no point fighting the seasons, they will come and go whether we like it or not, all we can do is work in harmony with them.
It made me think about how there are also seasons in our lives. I’m still bringing up my children, and at the same time supporting my Dad as the main carer for my stepmother, so this changes what I am able to focus on. I think of it as my Home and Hearth season. Yes, I have a new book out, but I can only move ahead with that at the speed I can. I don’t get frustrated about it, because this is not the season of my life for great striving. That will come again when my boys are grown and my priorities change. There is a lot of creativity and inspiration at the moment, though, which I love and am acting on.
What season of your life are you in, and how does it change your outlook on what you want to achieve in this season?


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