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Better late than never – here is my entry for this week’s Friday Fictioneers extravaganza, where writers from around the world weave a hundred word story around the photo prompt of the week. This week’s picture is copyright Ted Strutz and the whole shebang is now hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. You can find my story below the picture and under that is the blue linky creature that will help you find the other stories. I won’t have much time for visiting this week as I am working tomorrow, so apologies if I don’t make it back to see you. I will do my best.


Market Blues

Alice wearliy started packing up her wares. Like countless previous market days, the customers were choosing the flashier items on other stalls.

Of course, the few who did buy something from her didn’t have the belief necessary to make the longevity amulets actually work. They probably assumed they were the same kind of cheap tat peddled in every ‘alternative’ store.

Alice remembered when it was different, like the time that young king stopped to buy a gift for his advisor. She couldn’t quite remember his name, there had been so many kings since. Something beginning with an A, perhaps?



Comments on: "Friday Fictioneers – Market Blues" (28)

  1. I have a feeling the king wasn’t Aethelred the Unready or even Alfred. In any event as long as Alice doesn’t look a day past 1500, I believe!

    Niece piece, Anne.

  2. Interesting, Anne. I found the part about the amulet intriguing. The idea that people might be buying things that they did not take the time to understand, because their focus is on buying and buying. I’m not sure who the king is…

    • Hi Amy, I thinik Alice would agree with you about today’s consumer culture. The king was the mythical Arthur, as other commenters deduced. He was known for having a particularly long-lived advisor, Merlin,

  3. Alice – Alive … Couldn’t help making a connection.

  4. Hi Anne,
    Arthur, was it? Wow, those amulets really work. Nice fun take on the prompt. I mistyped my link in the list. Here’s the real deal: http://bridgesareforburning.wordpresss.com Ron

    • Hi Ron, you’re spot on. Those amulets sure do work, but only if you believe, of course. Thanks for the link, am finally doing some visiting today.

  5. Anne, your story’s only late if it comes next Thursday! I’m getting back to reading after a day of travel and enjoyed your story. Hard to tell the tat from the stuff that really works, isn’t it?

  6. Interesting story. Perhaps she needs to do better marketing about her own longevity, make a list of her premium customers, hang some photos on the walls. Nice work!

  7. I feel I’m missing something with the last line here, but perhaps I’m being unusually dense. It wouldn’t be the first time. Nevertheless, I like the idea of longevity amulets as long as the ‘extra time comes in the middle and not at the end. 🙂

    • Hi Sandra, the king was supposed to be the mythical Arthur whose long-lived ‘advisor’ was Merlin. I guess it would lose something without that 🙂 Not sure that long life has worked out oh so well for Alice here. Thanks for visiting.

  8. T’would appear the amulet has worked well for Alice. Was a little fuzzy about the “A” king. Like Ron, I’ll guess Arthur? Nicely written, Anne.

  9. An amulet! That took the story in a whole different direction, full of mystery and wonder. I like Ron’s assumption that “A” was for Arthur, too. But I like that the reader can come to many conclusions.

  10. Dear Anne,

    I am enthralled by the clear, but all to short glimpse of the world your MC lived in. Amulet is the perfect word choice for what she sells and the matter of fact way she relates her tale adds to the realism and, dare I say it, charm of the piece. Outstanding.



  11. Those amulets have me quite curious. I think she needs a better marketing plan. If people only knew, there would be a huge demand for her product. Could it be Merlin possess one of these?

  12. Alice’s Amulets must work–Arthur and Merlin still live.

  13. I liked this very much. I can only echo vb’s comment.

  14. […] project. A little story about a market trader selling longevity amulets. You can go and read it here if you would like. It turns out that the main character has been alive for a century or more, since […]

  15. I’m confused. If this indeed belonged to King Arthur or Merlin…why is it not in a museum? And how did she come to own it? Why sell it at a flea market? Why not get it appraised? If real, she would never work at another flea market…or need to work again for the rest of her life. I’ll be happy to change places with Alice..tell me where I can find/buy one of those Amulets. Kidding of course. Enjoyed your story.

  16. Class, class, CLASS! I can tell you’re from the country of the ORIGINAL (“real”) English! And this is GOOD! Elegant.

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