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Making Some Progress

I decided this week that it was about time that I returned to making some progress on my next book. Today I managed to remind myself of the thoughts I have had so far regarding the book structure, and put them together in a mind map. It is now my intention to look at each of the topics in more detail, one day at a time, then add the points into the mind map.

I have also been making progress with the research I am doing into the lady whose story I want to tell in a novel. With a bit of digging I’ve uncovered yet another traumatic event in her life which we didn’t know about before. The more I find out, the more there is to tell. I am planning to sign up to a genealogy research site over the Christmas period when I will have some time off work and do more digging then.

As well as all this, I started Deepak Chopra’s 21-day meditation challenge. I’m a day behind, and I can only listen in the morning as in the evening our internet connection is just not up to streaming (or even downloading) the audio. Which is all fine and two days in I’m enjoying it very much.


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