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My thought for this week is all about clearing. It all started with an opportunity to get my son a better desk. The one he had was not really big enough to have his computer on and still have room to write. Not a big problem, but when a free desk became available I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity. Trouble is, as it was bigger than the old one it meant we needed to rearrange his room to fit it in.
I took this as a great opportunity for a sort out, as there was a lot of stuff in that room from when we moved in and treated it as the spare room dumping ground. So the process of clearing and organising his room is well under way. It’s really acted as a catalyst to me as I now have to sort out our bedroom in order to be able to keep any of the stuff I’ve removed. The marvellous thing I have gained is the old desk set up as a dedicated sewing space on the landing, which will make the projects I have on much easier.
This all made me wonder about the process. It seems that when we are not paying attention, clutter and disorganisation creeps in. It seems to happen naturally, without our noticing. Then every now and again, we need to have a clearout and reorganise, just as I am now. This is what spring cleaning always was, though we seem to have lost that habit.
I think this also applies in other areas of life, like our habits and personal development. Bad habits and being unconscious creeps up on us, and periodically we have to have a mental clearout, and refocus on where we are going. I feel as though the physicial clearout I have started will aid mental clarity and help me get much clearer on my intentions on what I want to achieve next year and how I can organise my time in order to do so.
Is anybody else having a clearout too?


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