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A little while ago, I mentioned that it was about time I got back to the book I began work on when I started this blog in May. As usual, my hopes were higher than what I had the time to accomplish, but I did manage to make a start. I am now in the planning stage of this book. Originally I wasn’t sure how much planning to do, as this is a book on spiritual topics I wanted to try writing without too much planning. I can now report back that, for me at least, that idea is just a recipe for procrastination and never getting around to the writing at all. So it’s back to being committed to planning. I now have the beginnings of a mind map for this book, whose working title is Out on a Limb.
The first part of the book will look at the challenges that come up as a result of following a spiritual path that is not based in a traditional religion. The second part will then look at strategies that you can use to overcome or avoid these challenges. The first challenge I’m looking at, and the one I think is the most important, is that of encountering negativity from others. Here are the thoughts I wrote down in planning this chapter:

  • Negativity can come from many different people – parents,partner, children, other family members, friends or colleagues
  • Could be overt/actual or anticipated/perceived
  • Can undermine self-esteem
  • May take the form of aggression or just lack of understanding
  • May create feelings of isolation
  • Could lead to doubt about following the path
  • At the extreme it is bullying
  • Can cause financial issues (mostly with partners)

The chapter will end with thinking about the opportunity contained within the challenge, which I am still working on.
Now I would love some input. I’m quite sure that everyone stepping out as I am on the boundaries of thought has encountered some negativity at some point. I would love you to share your experiences with me, whether they are still challenges or whether you found ways to overcome them. You can post in the comments below or send me an email, and I would love to hear from you.


I love to hear from anyone and everyone, so do let me know what you're thinking

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