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Well not quite, but the trees are starting to appear, and I might start some shopping soon.

Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

‘Tis The Season

The Christmas Fairy loves this time of year. The long holidays are great, and she gets to read a lot, but there’s nothing like feeling useful again.

Take this guy, standing bewildered on the sidewalk. First Christmas alone. What can he buy the kids? It matters so much to him to choose something perfect, but how can he know what to get when he doesn’t live with them any more? He mutters under his breath, “Please help me.”

She takes him by the elbow and gently steers him back into the store, buzzing with pleasure at the thought of their faces on Christmas Day.


Comments on: "Friday Fictioneers – ‘Tis the Season" (25)

  1. Oh, Anne, this is so lovely! Really sweet – I love the tone of the narration as well as the storyline. You’ve woven a lot of emotion into so few words. 🙂

  2. This was beautiful Anne, really liked that. And that’s so true, if you don’t live with them you never know what to buy, and giving money seems so ‘functional’. I wish I had the services of a Christmas Fairy.

  3. a suggestion. it’s good for things like this to have a little bit of mystery for readers. instead of starting with “the christmas fairy,” keep that a secret. instead, you have a guy unsure of what to do, then “someone” approaches, guides him, helps him, and we think it’s a woman he knows, wife, girlfriend, daughter, etc. then after helping, she buzzes away on silent little wings, looking for someone else to help. and only at the very end do we realize it’s a fairy instead of a real person. that’s the kind of twist that makes these things a little extra appealing for me, waiting for that little twist at the end. but that’s just me, certainly not everybody likes reading or writing that way.

    • That’s a great idea Rich and I’m sure would have worked well. As it is I squeezed this in and it nearly didn’t get posted at all so I didn’t have much time to edit and certainly didn’t think of doing it that way. Thanks for dropping by, and for the suggestion.

      • i’ve noticed that some people don’t post theirs until late friday or even saturday. no rush. i know not everyone has the time to edit substantially. and i also know most people aren’t as obsessive about it as i am.

  4. Hi Anne,
    Good story, and I could really use some help from the Christmas fairy. I had to read it a couple of timies to understand that the “holidays” when the fairy could read were not the traditional holiday season, but just the opposite. But once I got past that, I was charmed and delighted. Ron

    • Hi Ron, thanks for visiting. I see how the ‘holidays’ part could have been confusing, but if you only work at Christmas that’s how it is. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Charming story, Anne. And thanks to the Christmas fairy for helping my husband ;), the mysterious stranger at the end of the sidewalk.

  6. Wonderful little story, so sweet.

  7. Oh that poor fairy, so many lonely souls to help. One of the saddest experience I’ve had is to travel on subway, seeing a poor soul opening the Christmas gifts they’ve been handed at the door… They need a little fairy.

    • That’s a really sad story Bjorn, it is such a shame that so many have to experience that kind of loneliness. Let’s have a whole team of fairies to help as much as they can.

  8. kindness to the needy can only warm the heart. I think your sprite has the perfect job!

  9. Great story. What a fantastic fairy role that would be! 🙂

  10. Nice one, Anne. It reminds me of my story. Haven’t we been doing this lately? Anyway, I want a fairy like this. How do I get one?

  11. Let’s hope those fairies are everywhere. Must be, cause I’m almost done shopping. Good timely story.

  12. Lovely story Anne.

  13. That is one perfect story Anne – and I suspect it accurately sums up the experience of many newly single parents when it comes to this time of year.

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