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Just a short thought this morning. My world is getting busier as it always seems to in this run up to Christmas. This is relevant because in the summer I started an exercise programme alongside the 5:2 diet which I’ve reported on before. What is interesting to me is that I did the same at around the same time last year. And at around this time of last year I wobbled and ultimately abandoned that programme. I am determined not to do the same this year.

I am thinking ahead to the next few weeks and all the days I have exercise scheduled also have other things attached to them. Fun things like visiting friends and relatives and Christmas shopping. I know it would be easy to be too busy to manage the exercise, but that’s just not good enough. For that reason, I am now committing to keep going with the exercise through these busy weeks, through the Christmas period and into next year.

Do you have any commitments you find it difficult to stick to? What helps make the difference for you? Do you have any suggestions for me, or is it just a matter of making the decision and not taking no for an answer from myself?


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  1. Make the exercise a social event too, at least sometimes. I swim with my best mate, every Monday evening. When it’s cold, dark, raining and we’re both knackered, the fact that it may be the only time in the week we see each other gets us out of our respective houses.

    • I can see that would be lovely, Nicola. I used to love the dance exercise group I used to do in Buxton but havent found anything similar here.

  2. Hi Anne
    I find that looking to see what we’re already committed to in our life – what we’re already doing day in day out – provides a good indication of how to build new commitments. For example if we’re already committed to recycling our waste each week and doing our bit for the planet then we could extend this commitment by using our cars less and taking our bikes, or walking, more. It’s always easier to extend what we’re already committed to than to shoe-horn brand new commitments into already busy lives.
    BTW I like your blog and have just bought your Be An Author book. Great Stuff!

    • Hi Juliet, thanks for visiting and commenting and I hope you like the book. I like the way you are thnking. I have made a commitment to looking after myself better this year, this is just me being wary not to wobble just because life gets busy(er).

  3. Commitment ties in with priorities – if you really want something, and it is a top priority in your life, you won’t even have to think twice about staying committed. It becomes a part of your day, and a necessity in your life 🙂

    • Sounds great Sarah, I guess the proof of the pudding will be seeing that I am still with the programme come the New Year. I certainly feel determined right now.

  4. I guess we stick to those things we value most, if we don’t value them then we don’t stick to them. You have to change your perspective of the exercise to make it something you value – whatever that takes1

    • Hi Linda, I believe I do value the exercise, trouble is I also thought that last year and didn’t make it. I think doing it alongside the diet is showing that I value my health and showing myself that I mean it, so hopefully that bodes well this time around.

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