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It’s Friday, everyone else in the house is still abed, yet I have two more days of work before I stop for Christmas. But then a lovely long break to look forward to.
You can blame my busy week if you like, but I’m not especially happy with my efforts for Friday Fictioneers this week – which is why you are getting two of them.
I am sure you can do better than me, so why not pop over to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and find out how to join in/show me up. This week’s photo prompt for a hundred word story is courtesy of Scott Vanatter.

First attempt :


Who Am I?

I’ve seen it all over the years in this house. The Christmas where Aunt Jean lost her false teeth and they had to puree the turkey. The happy tears shed as children who’d flown the nest trooped in dutifully for the festive season. The time they cooked goose because every tradition had to be changed the year after Mother died.

I expect I’ll see many more years of highs and lows. I’m part of the fabric of this family.

Who am I? The Christmas Tablecloth, of course. Now someone make that cat scoot before he gets his claws in me.


I thought that was really far too silly, so I had another go (very short one this time).


The Sale

Priscilla packaged up the candles for the sale under Henry’s watchful eye.

She wrapped each one in cellophane and tinsel to look pretty, but added one more ingredient before tying the bow. The red ones had to be for true love, purple for prosperity, and the white ones simply peace of mind.

It was bound to be a more illuminating Christmas than anyone expected with those spells, she thought.


Now do your worst with me, but make sure you go and visit the other stories too on the link below. Apologies to all the other fictioneers that I rarely make it round them all. Hope to do better this week.


Comments on: "Friday Fictioneers – Two Efforts" (14)

  1. I loved the writing in both of them, and the first paragraph in the first was a nice way to capture so many years – just not sure about the tablecloth ending.

  2. Dear Anne,
    I liked them both. Who’d have thought to use the tablecloth’s POV. Unique and original.
    shalom and happy Christmas,

  3. Both unusual takes on the prompt Anne, liked them both. Nice work.

  4. I really liked the first one – Christmas from the point of view of a tablecloth. You probably need more than a hundred words to really make it work though. Lovely.

  5. are you kidding, both stories are great.. in fact, i love the first one more 😉 not silly at all ^^

  6. claws? or worse, wipes his butt on you. yeah, like that’s never happened. i’ve seen it. eww. well done.

  7. I didn’t find anything wrong with either one of them!
    Mine: http://kindredspirit23.wordpress.com/2012/12/21/friday-fictioneers-11/

  8. I liked them both but the first one more. As mentioned, a unique POV and I enjoyed, “I’m part of the fabric of this family.” 🙂 Made me think of the ads for cotton, “Cotton. The fabric of our lives.”

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

  9. Anne… that first one was funny as hell… talk about a trick ending! Clever girl.

  10. I liked the first one. Not silly at all. Nice twist at the end …a view from the tablecloth.

  11. AH, Anne, you did just fine. Both stories different, both funny, both well-written. Please have a VERY Merry Christmas. Loved it ALL.

  12. Hi Anne. Well done on both stories. I enjoyed the first one most and agree with Rich that claws are the least the tablecloth has to worry about.

  13. Dear Anne,

    I enjoyed both stories. I understand what you mean about the first one but there was some great description and imagintion in there. The second one was written in a different light, mysterious and yet reverent. I liked it.

    Have a relaxing Christmas break.



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