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Friday Fictioneers – Two Years Later

I’m not here at all, this post is a figment of your imagination. Seriously, I am away with no internet access, and I’m going too early to see this week’s picture prompt, much less write a story. What was I to do? Resist the addiction of Friday Fictioneers, or give in to it shamelessly? I decided to do the latter, and so I’m revisiting an old story. This is one that stayed with me, and decided it wants to be a bigger tale one day. (more…)


Be An Author Update

Be An Author book coverJust a quick post today in my absence to update you on my book Be An Author.
I am pleased to finally be able to say that the book is now available on Amazon UK and Amazon US. There are paperback and Kindle versions available.

I’ve been posting some extracts from the book which you can find through the links below: (more…)

Be An Author Interview – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, Author of This, That and Sometimes the Other

Today, we are meeting another author who is helping to expand on the contents of Be An Author by sharing their experiences. I’d like to welcome Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Rochelle is a Kansas City, Missouri USA native who was initially trained as a graphic artist. Her short story anthology THIS, THAT AND SOMETIMES THE OTHER, debuted in November of 2011. (more…)

Thought for the Week – Asking for Help

No man is an island,” the saying goes. But you could be fooled by looking at the way we often behave. I’ve been thinking about this topic because my father is having a tough time caring for my stepmother, who has dementia. He isn’t doing it alone, as my stepsisters and stepbrother do all they can to help. However, things seem to have got to a stage where that is not enough, and I am relieved that my Dad has finally asked for more help. It seems it is still difficult for him to accept this help (more…)

Friday Fictioneers – A Tale of Two Birthdays

Time for another short story – this is Friday Fictioneers, a blog party hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Every week bloggers from around the world submit a 100-word (or thereabouts) piece of flash fiction inspired by a photo prompt. Full rules are on Rochelle’s blog. The more the merrier. This week’s picture is copyright Renee Heath and the usual restrictions apply. To visit this week’s other stories click on the froggy face under my story. (more…)

Using Structure to Keep on Track

I’ve written plenty before about planning and ways to get more done. So why was it at the end of the year that I found myself floundering and seeming to never have time to take a step forward?

I decided to observe my behaviour and see what I could learn about this problem. (more…)

Thought for the week – Just Doing My Job

M2081S-1029I had a lovely surprise on Friday when I arrived at work (Livingstone Textiles in Bridport) to find these flowers waiting for me. A customer brought them in to say thank you for the help I had given her in working out her fabric needs. She has a fun and challenging project, renovating a vintage 1950s caravan, and it was complicated working out everything she needed.

It was such a pleasant surprise to be thanked in this way, (more…)