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It’s usual at this time of the year to think back over the year gone by and make plans for the year ahead. As I looked back on 2012, I realised something important about the things that happened. We had a wonderful year, including a trip to the Olympics which absolutely blew us away, although we also had our share of challenges.

What really stood out for me, though, were two changes in my life. The first was joining the Monday night healing practice group and beginning my training to become an accredited spiritual healer. The second was starting to write again. These are both really positive things which this time last year I had no clue were in store for me. They didn’t happen because I had a plan, was more focussed, or stopped procrastinating. I think rather they happened because I was contented with what I had. I stopped grasping for more and decided to be content with my life – where I live, my job, everything. And then, strangely, opportunities arose for me, and I took them.

What does that mean as I look ahead to 2013? Does it mean I shouldn’t make any plans? I’m not altogether sure. I know that I haven’t yet done enough for the book I put out last autumn, Be An Author, so my main intention for the beginning of the year is to put some energy into that and give it the attention it deserves. But I am also aware that 2013 is a mystery. I don’t know what wonderful things will appear this year. I want to be open to the same kind of magic that appeared in 2012. So whilst I will strive to achieve, I will also be open to unexpected events and opportunities, and enjoy the mystery of life.
How are you feeling about 2012 and 2013? Are you mapping out your year? I would love to hear more. Happy New Year everyone.


Comments on: "2013 : Expect the Unexpected" (5)

  1. I have a few plans and some goals for 2013, but nothing too mapped out. I’m just going to concentrate on being happy, healthy and productive!
    Good to see someone had opportunities and that they took them in 2012, I hope many more arise for you this year 🙂

    • Hi Jess. Happy, healthy and productive all sound like great intentions to me! I’m also hoping to be more productive and am putting in some ideas to keep me on track and make the most of the time I have, so I’ll be sharing more about that soon. Happy New Year 🙂

  2. Hi Anne – Happy New Year to you.
    I love this post and it reflects exactly my experience a few years ago when I decided to stop trying so hard to push and promote my business and just follow my nose instead. What happened was a remarkable ‘settling in’ to myself – and a new openness to try opportunities as they came my way. Now I often think of planning as forcing – sometimes we need to force the issue where inaction has dragged on, but more ofter than not planning takes us out of our authentic selves, uses up a lot of energy and persuades us to do things in a way that meets convention, or others’ expectations, rather than satisfying our own intentions and motivations.
    So for 2013 I’m intending to build from where I find myself at the end of 2012, taking opportunities as they arise and following my nose. I’ve never been busier, nor more “fulfilled”.
    Have fun!

    • Thanks for those thoughts Juliet. It is good to know that you are thinking much the same way. Sometimes I don’t stick to my plans because of fear, but sometimes I’m just on the wrong path, so making sure that plans are not forced is very important. They have helped me in the past, though, to finish a large project, so I don’t want to abandon planning entirely – just find a new way.
      I will look forward to hearing how your year goes.

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