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It’s high time we continued with this trip through selected highlights of Be An Author. I am moving on to the chapter about ePbulishing and today we will find out the experiences of the contributing authors so far on this exciting new phenomenon in publishing, and then next week we will find out more about their feelings about the effect on them. Today we are looking at what ePublishing the authors have done, and their own experiences of reading eBooks.

What electronic publishing have you (or your publisher) done for your books to date?

Simon : My publisher puts all my books out in e format.
Wendy : I have produced Kindle eBook versions of my first two books.
Sallyann : I have ePublished Relax, a self-help book on recognising and dealing effectively with excessive pressure – be it physical or psychological. I also ePublished Let Go a daily 20 min deep relaxation session download preceded by 16 suggestions of things to let go of to aid relaxation and contentment.
Linda : I started in the late 1990s with a pdf download of a free booklet. In 2010 all my books were converted by Lulu into formats for eplatforms. In late 2010 I published my first Kindle books.

So all our authors have at the very least dipped their toe in the ePublishing waters.”

“Of course there would be no ePublishing without readers of eBooks. Where do our authors fit in to this – have they embraced the digital book in their own lives?

What is your personal experience of reading electronic books?

Sallyann : I only read eBooks now since physically its difficult for me to hold and read a printed book for any time. I bought a Kindle almost two years ago and the number of books I read has increased enormously (and was already high compared to most readers). This is due in part to speed of purchase, ease of browsing, 24hr availability, less expensive books in the main and ultimately, for me, physical ease of reading.
Wendy : Quite good – surprisingly.
Simon : I’ve tried an experiment with it, and appreciate how easy and user friendly it is. But I still prefer books. I like the physical touch, and having shelves full of the things.
Linda : I was given a Kindle at Christmas 2010 as I was going to Australia for a long holiday. I like the way that I can annotate, easily pick up new books, reach the web and it’s portable. However, I still love the smell and feel of a brand new book.”


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