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Right, it’s a New Year and after a break last week I’m back with the programme. So here goes for my first Friday story of 2013.

I did appreciate all the kind input last time so HUGE apologies for not replying to everyone – I’m afrad I was too busy eating chocolate.

For anyone who doesn’t know yet Friday Fictioneers is where Rochelle invites us to contribute a 100-word story based on the photo prompt of the week. The only other thing you need to know is that it is lots of fun, so feel free to join in. My resolution this year is to stick to 100 words exactly whenever I can. This week’s picture is copyright Lora Mitchell, and you can find this week’s other stories by clicking the froggy link after my story.


New Beginnings

Jennifer gazed out of her apartment window as the iridescent explosions lit the sky over London. She had eagerly anticipated this moment, when the New Year fireworks would herald the year ahead – one of freedom to be herself and pursue her own destiny.

Why was it, then, that all the light illuminated was the longing inside her? To have back what she had given up so lightly.

Ben would be asleep now, the morning coming soon for him. If she packed quickly, she could reach the farm in time to help with the milking. There was no time to lose.

100 words


PS This week Rochelle asked us to add the genre of our story to the post title, and as you can see I haven’t complied. There are two reasons for this – one is that I’m not confident with assigning a genre as I am still quite new to writing fiction of any kind, and the other was that I thought I might have to label this story as Romance and I didn’t want potential readers jumping to conclusions. Any suggestions on how you determine genre would be much appreciated.


Comments on: "Friday Fictioneers – New Beginnings" (33)

  1. That was an interesting piece Anne, ripe with regret and nostalgia. Nicely done. I don’t know what I would have listed for genre either. Maybe others will have a suggestion.

  2. I forgot to add my genre, too, so hit me with a wet noodle. I keep thinking I’ll go back and do it, then forget. I’m glad Jennifer realized what she really wanted before it was too late. I hope she makes the most of it now.


  3. Lol Janet 🙂 I hope Ben’s the forgiving type. Not enough room in 100 words to find out.

  4. Poignant piece, Anne. You packaged a tough decision into a small space. Nice. As for the genre…forget about it. I’ve changed the message on the blog as well. Not one of my better decisions so I reserve the divine right or write of FF bus driver to take a different route.

    • Sometimes the best intentions don’t work out Rochelle. Good on a professional level for me to learn more about genre though, so thanks for highlighting a gap in my knowledge. And thanks for visiting too.

  5. Nice one, Anne. A new beginning, indeed, and now she is second-guessing. Well told. I had a hard time, too, with my genre decision. I’m afraid I’m not much help!

    • Yes, sometimes new beginnings have unforseen consequences also. I’ve never regretted a big decision like this, but I wondered what it would be like if you did. I wonder if she can go back or if she has broken the trust in her old relationship too badly.

  6. Hi Anne,
    Guess you can take the girl away from the farm, but you can’t take the farm away from the girl. And Ben may have a lot to do with it too. Different, unique take on the photo. Ron

    • I think it’s the farm-er she’s missing most Ron! A reminder to appreciate what you have that you might lose if you race off after the bright lights, I think.

  7. I felt sorry for Ben. I’m so dyslexic. lol!

    • Don’t think you have to be dyslexic to be on Ben’s side Linda. She cast him aside without a backward glance and should count herself very lucky if he takes her back.

  8. I had to read twice to be sure… I found a nice story of promise and hope in the new year. Lovely, Ann.

  9. aww. i guess she wasn’t so sure of herself. and maybe she’s got a fear of being alone. that story has happened in real life many times and you captured it well.

  10. I really enjoyed this. Sweet and hopeful.

  11. Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for The Lovely Blog Award.
    The rules are at http://mariwells.wordpress.com/2013/01/05/awards/

  12. At least she learned her lesson and went back. Wonderful story

  13. Nice creative use of the prompt. It felt real and it was well told.


  14. Second thoughts, Yes I have had them too. I know what your saying about he chocolate. It IS hard to type and eat it.

  15. I alway wanted a girl who enjoyed milking. Well written piece, Anne.

    • Ah Russell, sadly most of the milking is done by machine now, which I don’t think is what you had in mind 😉 Thanks for the comment.

  16. Very well written Anne.

  17. Dear Anne,

    This was one of my favorite stories this week. It was clear and concise and effortlessly drew me in. I packed my bags and left with your MC. Good job.



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