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I’ve been tidying up my bookshelves, and here’s a selection of what I found. There are personal development books I’ve read before:
Then there are books more directly related to business, marketing or other activities I’m supposed to be doing.
There are also books I haven’t actually read yet, but am intending to.
These books are all Resources. They are resources I have, but am not making the most use of at this moment. My sister jokes that we each only need to read one personal development book, if only we applied what we learned properly. I find, though, that I take something from each book, but then often forget it as time goes by As I went through the books I resolved to revisit many of them, rereading and probably gaining a deeper level of insight than the first time through.

There are other kinds of resources as well – both physical ones like audio courses and meditation cds, but also the non-physical kind like connections we have made or contacts others have suggested that we haven’t followed up on.

I’m sure I’m not the only one with a shelf like this, so I’d invite you to take stock as well. What resources can you decide to make use of to help you move towards your goals, or develop in some way? I’ll report back on some of the ones I dive into in the coming weeks, and perhaps you could share your favourites too.


Comments on: "Thought for the week – Revisiting Resources" (3)

  1. I have many writing development, DIY and various ‘how-to’ books scattered throughout my house. Seeing your shelves has made me determined to locate them all in one place and begin my first library. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Glad to have been of service, Andrew. You might be surprised just how many useful resources you have accumulated … and then the next step is choosing the most helpful to act on.

  2. […] I have discovered how enthusiasm can get you to your goals faster, and thanks to help from one of my Resources I’ve found a way to generate it. I’ve known for a long time that enthusiasm could make a […]

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