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Time for another extract from Be An Author. In the last excerpt we discovered what the contributing authors experiences were both in publishing and reading eBooks. Now we are moving on to find out what their feelings are about the phenonenon of digital publishing.

How do you feel about the rise of ePublishing in the last couple of years?

Simon : I don’t have any particular feelings about it. It’s just something which is now part of the publishing world which writers have to embrace. My real concern is that the industry clearly still doesn’t quite know how to deal with it, and that marketing and business models which have worked for years are now having to be re-thought. That’s tending to limit innovation and investment – taking risks – with new authors, which is unfortunate. But I think that will work itself out as it becomes clear exactly what ePublishing will mean.
Linda : I’ve embraced it myself. But I must admit that it does mean there are now no barriers to entry and much is released that isn’t formatted correctly, with spelling and grammatical errors and very badly written.
Sallyann : At first, I kicked against it as I love the feel, smell and kinship with physical books. I still do. But this has allowed me to remain an avid reader and there are many others in my situation. I also note many people who use technology such as mobiles, laptops, eReaders etc., who were not book buyers or readers, do download and often read eBooks.
Now I see it as a valuable add-on where publishing is concerned. The downside is the quality of what’s put out there. But any self-publishing could be said to do that so ultimately it’s for readers to discern what they regard as a good read.
Wendy : I think it is daunting yet unstoppable.

Overall the feelings seem to be positive. Mine certainly are, in spite of my own foot-dragging as a reader. I recognise that not everyone is the same as me and am pleased to think that this will only be the beginning of what is to come.”


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