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It’s finally here, it’s Friday and it’s time to join the Fictioneers! This is my story based on this week’s photo prompt (copyright Roger Cohen) for this friendly and encouraging writing group hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Feel free to join the Fictioneers, rules are all on Rochelle’s blog, and check out the other stories at the link through the blue guy under the photo. As per my New Year’s resolution I (eventually) got this story to exactly 100 words.

And this week if you scroll down past my story there is a special bonus at the end.



It’s not that I hate classical music, exactly. I’m just so bored of playing it constantly.

I know it’s my job, and the public certainly enjoy it. We got a standing ovation after the concert yesterday.

The trouble is that classical really isn’t what I love. I want something with a bit more life – and a proper bassline.

Instead it’s all Beethoven and Tchaikovsky, with endless rehearsals to satisfy the maestro.

Why don’t rock musicians buy cellos? I kept sending ‘pick me’ vibes in the shop, but they always left with a guitar – and I ended up with Mrs Orchestra.

100 words


This week I would say my genre is probably Humour, and the special bonus for sticking with me this far is this extract from what might have been a dream come true for the cello who wanted to be in a rock band.


Comments on: "Friday Fictioneers – Yearnings" (48)

  1. Not cool, hey? Poor thing, and a lovely piece of anthropomorphisation. (Did I really spell that right?) Enjoyed it Anne, as ever.

    • What a very long word Sandra! And I suspect it’s something I’m guilty of quite often. Glad you enjoyed the story, I rather liked this one.

  2. Love the idea of a violin desperately wanting to be a rockstars instrument.

  3. Poor disgruntled cello! Great story 🙂

  4. I’ve always loved this track, Anne, and your wonderful story captures the usual split between classical and rock really well. I might just dig out my instrumental rock cds! 🙂

  5. Dear Anne
    Clever twist. Poor frustrated cello. What a predicament. Love it.

  6. Poor rock-cello. Great writing – I really felt for him. (Why do I assume it’s a he?) Let’s hope he gets better job satisfaction in his next life. 🙂

    • Could be one of them-there generalisations that only boys like rock, though I probably think it’s a he as well. My son thinks it is a bit weird to have a mum whose fabvourite bands are Metallica and Nickelback, but really there are lots of rock chicks out there. Better job satisfaction is unlikely for him, I’m afraid.

  7. Excellent bit of misdirection. Well done. Loved the video choice too. (Lots of happy cellos in there).

  8. Good twist–you got me on it.

  9. I agree with everyone above. That was a wonderful misdirect. I think I’d be frustrated as well. You gotta play what’s in your heart and soul. That poor cello wants a little more rhythm. I don’t think one night will satisfy, only whet the appetite for more..

  10. Really nice twist on the picture. I enjoyed it a lot. I think that’s one reason I made my story not classical. Maybe mine was talking to yours?? ha! 😉

  11. Anne, you are one of my “instant go-to’s” and you’re STILL bringing out quality! Wonderful story and thanks for writing it for us musicians formally trained.

    • Wow, thanks for the compliment. This has had me smiling since I read it yesterday. I am glad you liked the story. Check out Bjorn’s suggestion below for where my cello should be aspiring to – I wonder if anyone will support him in his ambitions 😉

  12. The last paragraph is so cool, when we finally learn the POV is the cello! Brava!

  13. Hi Anne,
    Nice work, the way you disguise the voice until the final line. Hope that cello gets to rock sometime. Ron

  14. Like Ron I enjoy how we find out that it’s the instrument in the end.

    • I’m glad you didn’t guess in advance. I thought because I’ve used the POV of inanimate objects before it might be too easy to guess, so I had to work hard at covering it up.

  15. it was fiddling with fate ? Liked this original take.

  16. Here is the band for your bored cello

    Loved the story.

    • Superb Bjorn – would be so right for him. Just shows that ANY ambition could be possible. Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you liked the story too.

  17. An Fab… a talking Double Bass!

  18. Nice twist. Maybe one day the cello can become a bass in a jazz trio? We can hope.

  19. Dear Anne,

    I loved your perfectly named story and the ‘pick me’ vibes. Can’t wait to get to a computer where i can play the videos.



  20. Nice take on the theme. I personally love taking objects out of their “proper” place and using them in new and unexpected ways. I’d give that poor cello a chance.

  21. ha, it’s good to know an instrument can have its own passion for genre! great story.

  22. did not get that until the very end. well done. and with that music clip, i think a big shot with the orchestra is the father of one of the members of metallica.

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