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This is my submission this week for the Friday Fictioneers 100 word flash fiction story based on a photo prompt. The whole shebang is hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, and this week the photo is Rochelle’s as well. Usual copyright restrictions apply. Please feel free to join in. All the rules are on Rochelle’s blog, and this is a friendly and constructive group. You can read all the other stories by clicking the blue alien I will hopefully remember to add after my story.

This week I need to add a WARNING – please note that my story contains expletives. For those who said ‘oh good’, you won’t have long to wait. You may have to deal with being underwhelmed, though.


The One That Got Away

Damn! he thought. Bloody phone always rings when you’ve got a live one on the hook. He’d decided he was going to flog that dusty menorah to the old lady with the wart, but the insistent ringing had given her the wriggle room needed to escape his patter.
Justin snatched the receiver from its cradle. “Oakapple Antiques.” No effort to curb the irritation dripping from his clipped tones. “Mabel, is that Mabel?” came the quavering reply.
“Do I sound like a Mabel?” Justin slammed the receiver back, knocking the phone over, only then noticing the tightly wound flex, leading nowhere.

100 words



Comments on: "Friday Fictioneers – The One That Got Away" (28)

  1. Ha! Sudden shock…sudden realisation….can’t help thinking its his customer, who is not who she appears to be…

  2. Very sinister. I guess it was his customer that the caller wanted to speak to, possibly to warn her about him 🙂 Good job.

    • Not quite as sinister as yours Sandra 🙂 The customer is definitely involved somehow, but I didn’t have the time or the words to figure out how. Nice that the readers are speculating, I think. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Dear Anne,
    My phone is really starting to creep me out…okay not really. Bad enough that it’s a seemingly wrong number…but one that’s from the great beyond? Well done.

  4. omg creepy… great job with the story..

  5. Spooky stuff. Well done.

  6. Oooh, love the creepy ending! Great job!!

  7. Good! He got what he deserved for being a jerk. And you got me on the twist. 🙂


  8. see what impatience gets us? enjoyed this much.

  9. very spooky – I really enjoyed this one. It’s tricky to do in 100 words but you did it!

  10. Really good one. I enjoyed it.

  11. Creepy…very well done

  12. saved by the bell, the mystical one. Good one.

  13. I never use this word, but “delightful” comes to mind. What a sweet read!!! I never would have thought of an antique shop (or maybe I would, but STILL …) nor made it work well this way.

    As we say in America, you hit this one out of the ball park!

  14. Oh I love this. Unfortunately, the antiques dealer in me is wondering more about whether he sold the menorah than the disonnected flex.

  15. Hi Anne,
    A call from beyond. Maybe there are guardian angels out there. Nicely done. Ron

  16. Like scary stuff… He should ask if the lady with the wart (a witch no doubt) is Mable… And sell her the phone.

  17. Anne,
    That phone of Rochelle’s is spooky…I think she is going to have to bury in the backyard or something…Nice Job.

  18. my first reaction to the picture was to write about someone calling from “beyond,” but i went a different direction. glad you stayed with it. well done.

  19. Scary telephone. Well done.

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