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I’m not here at all, this post is a figment of your imagination. Seriously, I am away with no internet access, and I’m going too early to see this week’s picture prompt, much less write a story. What was I to do? Resist the addiction of Friday Fictioneers, or give in to it shamelessly? I decided to do the latter, and so I’m revisiting an old story. This is one that stayed with me, and decided it wants to be a bigger tale one day. Here is the original story, and below the picture (copyright Jan Morrill) is another snippet somewhat further through the plot. You will need to read the first one for the second one to make any sense. Friday Fictioneers will not be expecting this, so feel free to move along to another story if you wish.
For those who are not already Fictioneers, you can find out more at Rochelle Wisoff-Fields blog, and you can access this week’s proper stories there, or write and contribute one of your own. I will be back on Sunday, and hope to get to at least some of the other stories then. Last week hit a new record of 80 submissions, which I’m sorry to say is more than I can hope to visit, so I apologise to everyone I miss out.


Two Years Later – Glastonbury, England

Alison’s team assembled with silent stealth on the dark street.

Intel was that an illegal meditation group ran at this address. Thankfully, the legislation outlawing such groups had reduced the torrent of unexplained diappearances, in the UK anyway.

Still, illicit meetings happened, with a steady trickle of souls never seen again.

At Ali’s signal, Bob forced the door. She immediately spotted one of the men seated in the circle beginning to flicker and become translucent.

Ali reached for her handcuffs – just in time. But she knew her aunt’s voice would plague her dreams tonight, claiming she was wrong to interfere.

100 words



Comments on: "Friday Fictioneers – Two Years Later" (24)

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  2. Love it. Translucent! Want to read more!

  3. “By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.” Nice job Anne. I can’t believe I missed it before. Thanks for reposting it in your absence.

    • That’s a really great insight Rochelle. Because I know the whole story I don’t think of it as something wicked at all, but Alison most definitely does so your thoughts will inform her character. Thanks!

  4. Thanks, Anne, and I hope you’re away doing something wonderful.


  5. Nicely done, Ann 🙂

  6. Brought back memories of my first FF entry, I love the continuition

  7. Dear Anne,

    I’m glad you posted this. A great take on that prompt.



  8. So whatever creepy magical technique this group discovered is still popular! I hadn’t realized Ali was a cop in the first story – or maybe she became one as a reaction to visiting the abandoned village? Anyway, I like this continuation. And there’s clearly still more to tell 🙂

    • Oh yes, sooo much more to tell. Ali was fast-tracked into the police force after she exposed the worldwide disappearances 🙂 She is determined to ‘save’ as many people as she can by locking them up.

      • Now I’m not sure whether Ali is the heroine or whether she’s gone off the deep end and become more dangerous than the original problem! Besides, if you can vanish out of an ordinary room, would a jail cell hold you?

      • Hah Sharon, well spotted. Ali is passionate and well intentioned, but also misguided. A large group meditating together is needed to effect the disaooearances, as well as inner calm, so jail is pretty effective … at least at the beginning. Oh, I’m so excited by this story. Can you tell?

      • Why yes, I can! 😀 Good luck with it.

  9. Interesting take on this prompt. Enjoyed it.

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  11. Anne – i would like to read the preceding post to this one also. This is intriguing.

    • Hi Joe, thanks for stopping by. The link to the previous story is where it says ‘the original story’ or you can find it under my Friday Fictioneers category. The story was called ‘Empty’.

  12. […] Friday Fictioneers – Two Years Later (anneorchardwriter.wordpress.com) […]

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