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I’m back this week, for real and writing a story for the actual picture prompt. It’s that time again – Friday Fictioneers – where writers from around the globe submit a 100-word story based on a photo prompt. The whole shebang is shepherded by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and you can find the rules on her blog.

This week’s picture prompt is courtesy of Rich Voza, and the usual copyright restricitions apply. Below my story is the link-monster where you can find links to the rest of this week’s stories – will there be yet another record number of entries?

And finally, if you haven’t been there already, I am running a giveaway this week for a copy of my book Be An Author, so why not enter the draw whilst you’re here?



Welcome to Earth. You have now arrived at Arthur C. Clarke Spaceport, where you transfer to your onward transportation to all continents.

Step on up. Chlorine breathers please keep to the left. On no account remove your masks until after the airlock into the Green zone.

For those of you not accustomed to a day/night cycle, please do not be alarmed as the sun sets. Sunrise is at approximately oh-eight-hundred, and counselling is available for anyone suffering from nyctophobia.

Remember to collect your complimentary ‘Lonely Planet Guide to Earth’ as you pass through interplanetary customs, and have a pleasant stay.

100 words
Genre : Sci-Fi



Comments on: "Friday Fictioneers – Arrivals" (55)

  1. Now that sounds interesting. 🙂

  2. I like all the different things you worked into your story, such as the name of the airport.


  3. this was so much fun. love the voice.

    “and counselling is available for anyone suffering from nyctophobia”–a favorite line.

    • Thanks a lot. I enjoyed making it up. Let’s hope all the counsellors haven’t disappeared into another plane of existence (sorry, reference to previous story there)

  4. This is brilliant!

  5. good one! Think how our little bugs would like to get ahold of someone without our immunities.

  6. I love this. We’ll be flying to Mars soon and they’ll all be flying here. What goes around comes around, huh? Cute.

  7. This was great, Anne! Loved the name of the airport.

  8. Excellent job! I loved this one. It would make an excellent short story…could I? um…use the idea?

    • Hi Scott. I’m flattered, and you are welcome to run with the idea – just so long as I get to read the finished story. If you visited last week you’ll know I have more to write already than I have the time for.

  9. Dear Anne,

    this was perfect and will one day come true, though people nowadays can’t see that far into the future. I’m glad that you can.



    • Thanks Doug. Do you think about such things as you gaze at the stars? I’ve been a sci-fi fan since my teens and not about to change anytime soon.

  10. Fun.original..wonder how they adjust to earth

  11. ‘chlorine breathers’ … such an effective throw away line. Well done Anne.

  12. What an unusual take on the prompt Anne, I really enjoyed it and it gives a whole new meaning to the concept of travel 🙂

  13. This is brilliant. So original! I love the language too – very clever writing.

  14. Most unique take on the prompt I’ve seen thus far!

  15. Anne – So many ideas and so little time. I know the feeling. So glad you took time to take this swipe at the Fictioneers prompt. Such a good sotry idea.

  16. Yes, I am biased — Arthur C.Clarke. YES!!!!!
    This is the kind of stuff I liked reading as a teenager. I’m a sucker for science fiction. In fact, I cut my writing teeth on the genre (Clarke and Bradbury). You nailed a terrific story! SO realistic! Great job, Anne!

    • Thanks for stopping by. Would love to read some of your sci-fi, can you point me in that direction?

      • Well, I need to “dig through the archives” because it has been somewhat longer than 30 years. But, sure. I can steer you in that direction. I’ll send you something when I find it.

  17. Dear Anne,
    A stellar piece of sci-fi. BTW…I had to look up nyctophobia. Love it…learned something new (to me). I could picture the passengers. A well painted picture, right down to the A.C. Clark reference. Good job!

  18. I love this and want more. ‘Chlorine breathers.. those of you not accustomed to a day/night cycle’ – great ideas well used.

  19. Indeed a challenge for those aliens to make it through. I hope no one have levophobia.. As you might run around in circles then. 🙂

  20. chlorine breathers. great touch of detail. well done.

  21. Wonderful imagination. Love the sci-fi effect.

  22. hmm, a bit exciting…wonder what they look like…you leave my imagination running wild!! love this ❤

  23. Very good. One of my all time favourite short stories features severe nyctophobia, ‘Nightfall’ by Isaac Asimov. Check it out.

    • I cut my sci-fi teeth on Asimov too, and have a sneaking suspicion that very story was somewhere in my subconscious when I wrote this. Would be fun to revisit those stories again – I wonder if there’s a Kindle pack like the Andre Norton one I found.

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