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Glennyce Eckersley
For today’s interview I would like to welcome Glennyce Eckersley. Glennyce’s first book, An Angel at My Shoulder, was published in 1996 by Rider books, Random House, and quickly became a best seller in many countries. Several more books have followed over the years, including Angels and Miracles, Angels to Watch Over Us, Saved by the Angels, Teenangel and An Angel to Guide Me. She has co-authored three books – An Angel Forever, Angel Awakenings and Believe and Receive –with the American spiritual teacher Gary Quinn. All her books have proved to be very successful internationally, and have been translated into several languages, including Dutch, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese and Indonesian.

Welcome Glennyce, can we start by asking Where did you first get the idea to write a book?
Difficult to answer this one, see question three!

What goal did you originally have for your books and / or writing?
All I hoped for was to make a difference, even if that was to be only a small number of people.

How did you decide whether to self-publish or find a mainstream publisher?
The decision was not mine, I was in fact contacted by a publisher and invited to write for them.

How do you feel about the rise of ePublishing in the last few years?
I often think the changes are bewildering, on line publishing has become almost the norm who knows where it will lead.

How did you find enough commitment to complete your first book?
I found having a deadline concentrated the mind beautifully!

What did publishing your book mean to you in terms of self-fulfilment or growth?
I found it an inspiring exercise, particularly the knock on effect regarding meeting the public, publicity and the media. I discovered that I loved television but especially enjoyed radio. Most fulfilling.

How did you and/or your publisher get your book(s) known? How much is your responsibility?
I was fortunate enough to be published by Random House, they have a large and busy publicity department. My commitment was to fulfil their arrangements by attending interviews giving talks and writing for various magazines promoting my books.

What is the oddest, most amusing or exciting thing that has happened as a result of becoming an author?
This happened a few years ago and it still makes me smile. Travelling on a train I fell into conversation with the lady sitting next to me. We began to discuss books, she asked if I had read the one she had on her lap. Then she told me she belonged to a book club. This was situated one lunch time in the staff room of the college where she worked. Suddenly she said, ” you must read the one we are reading at the moment, we all love it. It is called,” she said, “‘An Angel At My Shoulder ” adding, “do you know it by any chance.” I laughingly said that I did, reaching into my handbag I passed her one of my cards declaring my name, the fact I was an author and stating ‘author of the best selling book An Angel At My Shoulder! Her face was a picture!

What advice can you to pass on to others who would like to write?
Take a look in book shops and find books similar to the genre you are hoping to write. Then note the publisher and submit to them.

Thank you Glennyce for taking the time to give us a peek into your world and your experience of writing.

You can find Glennyce’s books at Amazon in the UK and Amazon in the US.


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  1. interesting interview.

  2. Hi Glennyce I’m Tony Monroe’s brother . You can google me gerry banyard. Or, text me with your email as I only use wi fi. I’ve the most amazing angelic encounters & need to contact you! Please forward to Glennyce Thanks
    Gerry 07765234444

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