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My husband and I probably read far too much fiction set in post-apocalyptic worlds, like the excellent Last Light by Alex Scarrow. Sometimes it makes me paranoid and wondering if I should be stockpiling bottled water. The good side of it, though, is that it has made me realise how lucky I am.
Now I know that not everyone has the same kind of life that I do, but here are some of the things I have realised I am lucky to have: running water, heat and light at the turn of a switch, flushing toilets, the ability to communicate with people all over the planet via a device in my home, a loving family, a childhood free from abuse and enough food to eat on a daily basis (in fact having to restrict what I eat because there is just too much food). It reminds me of something I was taught long ago. When you are tempted to complain about something – your car, house or job, for instance – first imagine what your life would be like if you did not have it at all. Hopefully you will realise how fantastic it is, appreciate it deeply (and then go after something even better if you still want to).
It surprised me slightly that I was not the only one having these thoughts. While we were travelling on Friday, off for a day’s walking with my Dad and sister, my son said to me “I’ve realised I’m so lucky to live in a stable family that loves each other.” Pretty wise for a teenager, I think.


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