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Thought for the Week – Getting Things Wrong

I had one of those days yesterday, where I realised I had messed up. Missed some things I had committed to doing, and just generally felt like I was letting down the people around me. I’m not asking anyone to feel sorry for me – I did enough of that for myself yesterday – and I know that many of my friends are facing much bigger problems than I am. I guess what I am interested in is what I can learn from this (and how I can mess up less in the future). (more…)


Be An Author Free Book on Kindle – Last Day

Be An Author book coverToday is the last day to get my book Be An Author – for all new and would-be writers – free to download onto Kindle or Kindle for PC. We will soon be launching other eBook versions, so I’m not sure we will be able to do this giveaway again.

You can get the book at Amazon.com or Amazon UK

The giveaway ends at approx 7am UK time tomorrow, Saturday 23rd March.

Thanks for reading.

FF – Feel The Fear

Another week and a new look at Anne Orchard central. I really struggled with an idea for the story this week, I have no idea why. So this week’s Friday Fictioneers offering has only tangential reference to the picture prompt. This week’s picture is from Doug MacIlroy, so please respect his copyright. All the instructions for taking part in this 100-word flash fiction blog challenge can by found at the blog of our esteemed leader, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. This week’s other stories are found by clicking on the blue fella under my story. And finally you will see a request from me for some assistance if you are visiting before Saturday and you can spare me a few moments.


Feel The Fear (more…)

Be An Author Interview – Shirley Ford, Author of Every Why and Be Mindful

Shirley Ford
Today we have another interview with a self-published author, Shirley Ford, who also happens to live in the same village as me (what a creative place!) Shirley Ford, originally a director of an import/export company, at the age of fifty-five suddenly changed direction. She became a carer for the elderly in their own homes. It meant much less money, but a far more rewarding career. Whilst working as a carer, she realised how touch was so important to her clients, such as holding a hand, or washing their feet. She took a course in Reflexology so that she could give hands on treatment to her elderly clients. Shirley has moved around extensively around England and Wales, but has now retired and lives in Dorset, where she enjoys long walks on the beach, reading and of course writing. She has attended various writing courses and workshops. Shirley runs a writing group in her local village called the Jurassic Coast Writers. She belongs to a local book club, and an English Country Dance group; but one of her passions is Tai Chi; she regularly attends classes and recently took part in World Tai Chi Day in Exeter in Devon. She has published two novels; Every Why and Be Mindful available as ebooks.

And now on to the interview. Thank you for joining us today Shirley. Can I start by asking:
Where did you first get the idea to write a book? (more…)

Be An Author Free Kindle Book Giveaway

Be An Author book coverThis week sees another promotion for my book Be An Author – this time it is a free Kindle download through Amazon. That’s right, for five days only, ending on Saturday 23rd March 2013 at approximately 7am UK time, you can download Be An Author to your Kindle or Kindle for PC to read on your computer, absolutely free.

Here is the first review that the book received on Amazon, posted by the winner of our paperback giveaway on this blog a few weeks ago, Ellis Nelson: (more…)

Thought for the Week – Generosity

This week I am focussing on generosity, and its opposite – holding on. It only takes a quick glance around my (and most other people’s) house to discover that most of us have far too much of everything. Mostly things we will never use again, but are keeping ‘just in case’. I pride myself on tackling this problem – I would much rather things were being used than sitting in my house. And yet I still occasionally feel I am drowning in a sea of stuff. Sometimes it is simply the time it takes to deal with things and get them out of the door.

Giving away things you no longer use is only one kind of generosity. (more…)

Friday Fictioneers – Tomorrow

Another week and another intriguing flash fiction prompt in the entertainment that is Friday(ish) Fictioneers. You too can join in this fun activity if you check out the rules on our esteemed host Rochelle’s blog. And so without further ado, here is the inspirational picture, from Lora Mitchell. My story follows, and then you will find the linky critter who looks after all the week’s stories so uncomplainingly. Click on him to view this week’s other offerings.


Tomorrow (more…)