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These thoughts for the week are completely driven by what has happened in my life during that week. And this week the feature has been inspiration. As I sat down to write this blog post, I had the distinct feeling that I have written about this before, but on checking back through thoughts for the week gone by I can’t find anything directly. Perhaps instead I simply know that I have been inspired before.
Inspiration is fascinating because you can’t force it. Instead it seems to me that it happens because you make space for it, create the eonvironment in which it can flourish. For me that has meant a regular commitment to meditation, getting up earlier to allow time for that, and reading – in this case the book The Architecture of All Abundance by Lenedra J. Carroll.
I am only part way through the book but so far inspirations have included:

  • Realising that I want to write a book proposal and investigate the traditional publishing route for my partially planned book Out on a Limb (which is about spiritual development and relationships).
  • Some very specific ideas for another potential book on my ‘might write this one day’ list.
  • Realising that this means I now have three strong book ideas in the spiritual/praranormal vein – two non-fiction and one novel – so perhaps this is where my writing is heading.
  • Wanting to find more time for writing and so deciding to ask a colleague to cover some days for me

When I have the feeling of having been here before, what I wonder is whether I made the most of previous times of inspiration, or did those ideas get lost in everyday life? I’m not sure, so I will do what I ususally do in that situation, let the question rest and wait for clarity to arrive. What I do know is that I want to make the most use of these inspirations – and I believe that means feeling grateful for them – and then taking action.


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