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Another fascinating story prompt this week courtesy of Jennifer Pendergast. As is usual at this time of the week, here is my offering for the Friday Fictioneers blog hop, ably masterminded by Rochell Wisoff-Fields. For rules and regs, and to post your story, please visit Rochelle’s blog. To see this week’s other stories please click on the linky monster underneath my story.


Julie felt the stress, hurry and buzz of family life fade behind her as she climbed slowly towards the light. Everything seemed airy and peaceful here. Her worries began to fade. At the top of the stairs she arrived at a slightly open door. Was she supposed to knock or just go in? She peered through the crack.

“Josh! Breakfast! You’ll be late for school again.”

“All right Mum, I’ll be down in a minute.”

“I tried texting you, but you never hear your phone with your headphones on. Why we let you have the tower room I’ll never know.”

100 words


This week I didn’t go sci-fi, nor did I have any ghosts or fairies, so I think that makes this genre – literary fiction. As always, your comments and suggestions are welcomed.


Comments on: "Friday Fictioneers – Upwards" (22)

  1. Now that’s what I call an accommodating Mum! Trailing up and down those stairs every meal time. Great take on the prompt Anne, with an unexpected ending.

  2. JackieP said:

    Here I was expecting something different “climbing towards the light”…….great twist. 🙂

  3. Gives me a chuckle… and, reminds me of the attic room that I had at my foster home. Many happy years and memories from that little room tucked in the eaves that I begged and pleaded to have as my own.

    • It’s nice when a room feels like a safe place, isn’t it? Mine wasn’t anything special but after sharing with my 2 sisters I loved having a room of my own so much that I am still fond of it now.

  4. 😆 There’ no fix unless you move him closer. Superb writing.

    • True indeed, Kim! I wonder if girls are as bad? One day I must stretch my imagination way out of its comfort zone and incorporate a female child in one of these stories. Trouble is I know so little about them, in spite of having been one once 🙂

  5. with the first sentence, I thought Julie was moving out of her home. well written

  6. Anne, I enjoyed this slice of family life and the feeling of Mom leaving her stresses and worries behind as she climbed the stairs. I’ve always thought a turret room would be fun.


  7. You got me at the end – I liked it!

  8. That’s cute, Anne! Always a pleasure to read your stories.
    Making it a “family affair,” I see. 😉

  9. Made me chuckle – I love the idea of texting your kids to get them to come downstairs. Do people actually do that? I spend half my life running up and down the stairs (or yelling from the bottom!).
    Brilliant take on the prompt.

  10. Not what I was expecting, for sure.

  11. Dear Anne,
    What an endearing story. Nice build to an unexpected ending. 😀

  12. Dear Anne,

    This is in the top fice this week. A perfect slice of life, deftly written and wonderfully realized. Thak you for saving me.



  13. Now I know exactly why I don’t have children Anne – very deftly presented 🙂

  14. Lovely. Great contrast between the trepidation in that first paragraph and the rest of the story.

  15. Noice twist on climbing towards the light, Anne. Mums never really escape the hurry of family life, do they?!

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