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Be An Author book coverThis week sees another promotion for my book Be An Author – this time it is a free Kindle download through Amazon. That’s right, for five days only, ending on Saturday 23rd March 2013 at approximately 7am UK time, you can download Be An Author to your Kindle or Kindle for PC to read on your computer, absolutely free.

Here is the first review that the book received on Amazon, posted by the winner of our paperback giveaway on this blog a few weeks ago, Ellis Nelson:
“Anne Orchard’s, BE AN AUTHOR, addresses what it would be like to be an author- to fulfill that dream so many of us have. This is not a book to learn how to write or market a book. There are plenty of those out there. BE AN AUTHOR asks all those questions budding writers have, but don’t know who to ask. It certainly fills a unique niche. I wish I had come upon it years ago when I first thought about writing.

Throughout the book, four authors are interviewed about their varying experiences with writing and publishing. It’s an easy, engaging format that helps the new or would be author imagine what the process might be like for them. Anne Orchard also shares her experience of writing and publishing her first book. Some of the topics covered include setting goals, the publishing world of today, the personal process of writing, self- fulfillment through writing, and how writing careers evolve over time. The author also packs the book with inspiring quotes.

For those considering writing a book, or for those who have already begun, this is a concise guide to encourage your personal journey to becoming an author. A nice addition to any writer’s shelf. ”

You can find the Kindle edition of the book on Amazon in the UK here.
And on Amazon.com here


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  1. This my favorite price. 🙂 I have it now I just have to find the time to read it. 🙂

  2. […] if you could help me out by downloading a free copy of my book on Kindle before the end of Friday. All the details are here. Many […]

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