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FF – Moving On

Ah, that’s better. It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the Orchard household, so apologies for our absence. This was a truly lovely picture prompt (courtesy of Sandra Crook) for the Friday Fictioneers flash fiction challenge. This is managed by our host Rochelle Wisoff-Fields over at her blog Addicted to Purple, otherwise known as Friday Fictioneers Central. Sorry for going AWOL boss! And apologies to Sandra for the fact my story is only very loosely related to the prompt at all. My story follows the picture and the rest of this week’s stories can be found by clicking on the blue link monster.

Copyright Sandra Crook


Moving On

The shutters creaked mournfully as Greg closed the door of Myrtle Cottage one last time.

Sheltered housing. What a change it was going to be. Mary would have loathed the very idea, but they’d said their farewells in the hospice last year. Greg certainly couldn’t manage the house and garden any longer.

At least he’d have some company again. There was a common room and organised outings. These last few months he’d driven himself half mad with loneliness. And he couldn’t help noticing that flighty piece with the purple hair. She looked like she had some life in her yet.

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Comments on: "FF – Moving On" (12)

  1. Nice overall story, but that last line really packs the punch for me!

  2. Dear Anne,
    I have indeed missed the Orchards. Glad to see you back. No need to apologize for a story loosely based on the prompt, particularly when it’s a good one. A lovely story of a husband’s devotion. Very nice.

  3. Life in the old dog yet eh? Good to see there is a silver lining, or is it purple? Loved the mournfully creaking shutters. 🙂

  4. Just a…well, I was going to say “lovely”, but see Rochelle nipped in ahead of my once more and stole it…lovingly written story about love, age and moving on. Love the purple hair touch. When our younger daughter had pink hair, a few little old ladies came up to her and said they wished they had hair that color, so purple isn’t too out there!! 🙂


  5. This is a good story. Reminds me of the saying there might be smoke on top (the gray hair) but there’s still fire in the bottom. 😉

  6. Sheltered housing? Is this what we refer to as Retirement Homes, Aged Care? I felt the loss but also the anticipation of Greg and his admiration for the new ‘purple haired lady’. Well done Anne.

  7. Did great, Anne! Good to “read” you again. 😀 Story great, felt good and a joy to read. You and Sandra are my “go-to” authors, so keep it up!

  8. This is a very touching story that reminds me of an ‘actual’ event of a few years back. I never did find out what happened with ‘the woman with the purple hair’ however, I was rooting for him…. 😉

  9. I thought this was excellent. How often life is so different than we imagine.

  10. Sweet story – I love the ‘flighty piece with the purple hair’ – just goes to show that it’s not over til it’s over 🙂

  11. Aww I loved this..”she looked like she had some life in her yet”..I smiled at that.

  12. There is such a sadness in this truth. We will not all be the one to pass first.

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