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I saw an advert on TV last night for the British Heart Foundation (an organisation which educates on and researches into heart disease). In this advert the organisation has adopted kind of terminology which has for a long time been associated with cancer charities. We are told by everyone in the advert that they HATE heart disease, and we are urged to donate to the fight. I wonder if I am the only one whose heart sinks at this wording.
There must be something in us that this way of describing a disease appeals to immensely. If you talk to anyone affected by another disease (such as dementia or heart disease) other than cancer, especially those who are fundraising for a charity, they will tell you how cancer hogs the majority of the research money, and that they find it hard to attract funds. Many people who have cancer also find the analogy of fighting to be very helpful to them in visualising themselves overcoming their disease.
But I’m left wondering what it is we are supposed to be fighting. If you ‘hate heart disease’, this implies that heart disease is in some way an entity which has preyed on its innocent victims (don’t even get me started on the V word). It isn’t. Heart disease and cancer and yes, dementia too, do not have personalities. They are not enemies to be fought. They are signs of something being wrong with the person. I don’t deny the importance of research – but surely it is research into what went wrong within a person’s own body, not demonising and externalising the disease.
What do you think? I’ll pop the video of the advert in here too so you can let me know your reaction. I’ll be thinking about this more, especially at my healing group tonight. I don’t want to fight disease, I want to cure or better still prevent it. How about you?


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  1. I could probably leave a very long comment here, Anne! So I’ll try to be brief. πŸ™‚ And of course my opinions are my own!

    I believe in holistic health. I use Reiki and energy-healing and similar techniques in my daily life, and also offer them to others through my business, and as a volunteer. I would never ‘hate’ anything in my body. In fact, most things benefit from being surrounded by a higher ‘vibration’ of energy, the highest of which is love. You can guess where hatred falls on that scale.

    So no, there is no hatred for my own health conditions, nor for any others. All disease is a sign of imbalance, somewhere. Hatred and resistance is, to my mind, not going to help return someone to balance and wellbeing.

    • Yes Joanna, with a little more time I could have ranted for longer too. I am making progress with my healing training, and we’re certainly not being encouraged to hate anything there. I was so saddened by the fact that the ‘fight for funding’ had led the BHF to adopt the terminology we’ve got used to in relation to cancer. In terms of vibration of emotions, I remember in the Sedona method there is a scale of emotions, with increasing energetic vibration. Anger (which I think hate is really) has quite a high vibration, which is why people find it more helpful than denial or grief (and when faced with illness, may be the best they can reach at the time). But the ones to aim for are the highest ones, Courageousness, Acceptance and Peace. As I thought about your comment it occurred to me that love and peace are pretty much the same thing. If you are feeling love it is a state of Peace, the highest vibration of all. Thanks for commenting, it always prompts more thoughts and learning, πŸ™‚

      • I agree, and it’s always good to meet – or learn more about – another kindred spirit, too. πŸ™‚

        I think the vibrations / feelings of love and peace both, at least in part, embody a lack of resistance, and a sense of acceptance. Something I still have to work on daily!! πŸ˜€

  2. If you think about it, the terminology we use around these issues is indicative of how we, as a society, see ourselves. We are always blaming something – it can never be ‘our own fault’ because of course, we don’t have to take responsibility for any of our own actions do we! Rant over … and thanks for the thought provoking post Anne. BTW, love the new look πŸ™‚

    • Ah yes, the blame part of the equation, that is why we have to give the disease a persona, so there is someone to blame. Not belittling how hard it is to be faced with disease, just think that it is better faced with courage than anger.
      Glad you like the new look Linda, I think I was ready for a cleaner look (for a while at least).

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