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I have been drifting a little lately – it’s quite evident from the lack of content I’ve been adding here in the last few weeks. As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, I needed to forgive myself for that. I also needed clarity about which direction to go in, in several areas of my life. For that purpose I had a get-together with my friend Wendy, who is a wonderful example of get-up-and-go as well as being a life coach.
In best life-coaching style, I came away from that get-together with a list of actions to take. Now I’m not going to pretend to have done everything on that list. Some of them I have decided were taking me in the wrong direction (or I chickened out, I haven’t completely decided yet). But last night I found myself doing two or three small things simply because I am seeing Wendy again today. This is how accountability works. I decided that I had done enough drifting and wanted to make some progress. I talked things over with a friend to start to get clear on what I wanted to do. And then I took some slightly scary actions, just because I had told someone else that I would.
There are ways to get some accountability without involving anyone else, for instance writing what you have accomplished today in a success journal. But I think that finding a cheerleader and whip-cracker to gee you on is very helpful.
Wordpress has just informed me that I have now hit my first anniversary of creating this blog, so what a good time to move forward with the project that sparked it off – working on my next book.


Comments on: "Accountability as an Antidote to Drifting" (3)

  1. I hope the lack of recent posts means you are in the zone, writing that book and having a blast…. 😉

    • Well Joanna, isn’t it always the way that we write about something – like accountability – and then life jumps up and smacks us in the face and all our good intentions go out of the window. In fact my friend helped me face the fact that I really didn’t know where I was going and I have taken the summer to wait until that clarity came. It now has, and I will write about it sometimes soon, but I’m also stressed about situations in my family, especially how things are for my Dad at the moment, and I don’t have much spare capacity for anything. Thanks for thinking of me and I will be back, quite possibly wearing a slightly different hat 🙂

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