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I was beginning to think my muse was never going to return from whatever part of the cosmos she has been touring. Last week and this I’ve had aborted attempts at a story that just haven’t satisfied me enough to publish. So I was saved this week by a late thought that crept in at the last minute. I’m not saying it’s a perfect story, but hope it’s good enough to pass muster.

For the uninitiated, this is my entry for the Friday Fictioneers weekly flash fiction blog challenge. The party is hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, and you can check out the guidleines on her blog, Addicted to Purple. This week’s picture is courtesy of Danny Bowman, so please respect his copyright. My story follows the picture, and to read this week’s other offerings you can click on the blue link-monster at the end of the page.

At The Cyber-Museum

Mommeeee, what’s that old thing?

It’s called a telephone, honey.

What’s a telef-thing for?

People used to use them to talk to each other, back when Mommy was little.

Why didn’t they just Skype them on their Nooraplant?

Well, people didn’t have any neural implants then. And before there were telephones you had to write words on paper, send it off and wait a week for an answer.

What if you wanted to talk to Gramma and Grandad?

Well you’d have to go on a visit, like a holiday.

But Mommy it’s ever such a long way to the moon.

100 words


Comments on: "Friday Fictioneers – Cyber-Museum" (19)

  1. JackieP said:

    I liked it. 🙂 Good conversation, could see it happening. Kids and their questions.

  2. Anne, that sounded very realistic. Hope you have a great weekend and don’t worry, the muse, like Arnold, will be back. 🙂


    • Thanks Janet, a nice long weekend and then a short break away with our boys – much looked forward to indeed. I was so relieved to have an idea I could get to work, seems like it might be best to give the muse a little slack sometimes.

      • Many times I find that when I not thinking about what to write, something starts up in my head and I have to head for pen and paper or laptop to get it down. Enjoy that break and family time. It’s precious.

  3. Funny! The muse is returning …

  4. Hahaha! Great, Anne! My kind of story. You really DID save up. I’d say that maybe the ground had to lie fallow for awhile, giving itself a rest before replanting.
    Anyway, Tee-RIF!

  5. Dear Anne,
    Delightful story from beginning to perfect end.

  6. Ah, who knows what the future holds. Jetsons here.

  7. Have heard of the Jetsons Shirley, but missed out on that on our side of the pond. There is so much about the future that we can never guess because it is so far from our current experience, but it’s fun to speculate!

  8. Perfect story.. yes I can see that happening.. and of course skype can be combined with neural implant.

    • Thanks Bjorn. I was thinking what was the logical next step from the telephone. Like the leap from landline to mobile. And combining it with the work being done on things like wheelchairs that can be controlled by thoughts. One thing’s for sure though, the future will still surprise us.

  9. My grandkids live in Chicago; it might as well be the moon! 😦

  10. Lovely child’s voice – the idea of actually visiting grandparents in person. I’m glad you had mum explain Nooraplant. Fun story.

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  12. […] Friday Fictioneers – Cyber-Museum (anneorchardwriter.wordpress.com) […]

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