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Be An Author

What Would It Be Like If You Write Your Book?

Be An Author is available to purchase in the following formats (more coming soon).

Kindle eBook on Amazon US
Paperback on Amazon US
Kindle eBook on Amazon UK
Paperback on Amazon UK
Paperback book direct from the distributor Lulu.com

What will it take for you to make the step from being a writer to becoming an author? How can you learn from the experiences of others?

In Be An Author you can do exactly that, through interviews with authors – both self-published and traditionally published – and the benefit of Anne Orchard’s experiences. The world of publishing has changed in recent years, so take this opportunity to get up to date on the realities and possibilities, the highs and lows, the trials and triumphs of an author’s life.


  • Clarify what is really involved in bringing a book into print today
  • Gain insight into life after publication
  • Share techniques that helped other authors finish their projects
  • Determine what is (and isn’t) possible for your book
  • Be inspired to make the world a better place with your words

This is not a ‘how to’ book – it’s a ‘what would it be like if’ book. In its pages you may find what you need to encourage you to fulfill your potential as an author.

Contents :

Getting Started
Traditional Publishing vs Self-Publishing
The Process Of Writing
Getting The Word Out
As Time Goes By
Passing On Advice

Also available : a free download ‘How To Publish Your Book on a Shoestring Using Lulu Print-on-Demand’ accompanies this book and is coming soon. To read extracts from this forthcoming resource visit the Publish Your Book section of this website. This will guide you through one path to getting your book available and in print all over the world.


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  4. Hello Anne:

    Tamara Essex (on her blog A Foot in Two Campos) provided the link to your website. I look forward to reading you.

    Best wishes

    • Hello Patricia, it’s lovely to meet you. It was so kind of Tamara to give me an additional mention on her blog (which I love). I will look forward to chatting with you in the future. Anne

  5. Is that the cover? Very clever.

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