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Book Planning Progress – Spiritual Challenges

A little while ago, I mentioned that it was about time I got back to the book I began work on when I started this blog in May. As usual, my hopes were higher than what I had the time to accomplish, but I did manage to make a start. I am now in the planning stage of this book. Originally I wasn’t sure how much planning to do, as this is a book on spiritual topics I wanted to try writing without too much planning. I can now report back that, for me at least, that idea is just a recipe for procrastination and never getting around to the writing at all. (more…)


Be An Author

Here it is – Be An Author is available now!

Whilst the official launch is tomorrow at the Charmouth Literary Festival, you can already buy Be An Author through the distributor Lulu.com. (More purchasing options coming soon.)

This is a book for any flegdling writer who wonders how other authors got their start and would like to be inspired to take their own writing to the next level.

The free download which accompanies the book ‘Publish Your Book on a Shoestring using Lulu Print on Demand’ is still a work in progress, but will be available soon. In the meantime you can find some excerpts in the ‘Publish Your Book’ category on this blog.

I would just like to say thanks to my publisher, Linda. However much I love self-publishing, it has been great to be part of a team with this book.

The Power of Free

Today I’m back making progress on Book 2, my book for writers. As I said before, for this book I have a publisher, and that’s not something I’m used to. I’m loving the editorial input, and not feeling like I’m in it on my own. But today I came up against the fact that I am also not in control. (more…)

Can Spiritual Development be Taught?

This is a question I found myself asking this weekend after a discussion with my sister. She shared with me a program she is looking at which she thought might be relevant to the book I am working on. I haven’t yet been to look at the program, which I’m sure is very helpful to many, and I am not criticising anyone who follows any spiritual development program.
My qualms come from the fact that deep inside I have a feeling that spiritual development can’t be taught. (more…)

How to Find a Book Title

Yesterday I was telling you how Book 2 (a book for writers) needed a new title. One that hooked the emotions. Given that, how was the new title found? Well, I did a lot of brainstorming, as I was asked to do by the publisher. My husband got involved too. But we just couldn’t get it. The way it was settled on eventually was a big surprise to me (more…)

Titles That Change

As I mentioned before, I am deep in the process of editing Book 2 (which is due out this September), a book for people who want to write. This book was mostly completed two years ago, and has been revived this year for a variety of reasons. Back when I was first writing it, I had a title. I was happy with that title, too. I even did some dowsing to help me with the final arrangement of the words. (more…)

Blurb revisited – Weak Words

Well my eagerly anticipated Wednesday with lots of writing time is here and it’s started with somewhat of a major wobble. It seems I have lost (read deleted without thinking about it) a Very Important File off my computer memory stick. There’s no point panicking but it’s certainly challenging my equilibrium this morning.
Anyway, I wanted to go back to the 25 word blurb I was working on for Book 3. Last week what I had was: (more…)