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Perspective on Selling

Selling, marketing, promotion – I’ve always felt that I wasn’t very good at it. In fact I tend to turn mentally into a bit of a quivering jelly at the thought. Which is a bit of a problem for an author, quite frankly. (more…)


Barking at Bookshops

When I wrote Their Cancer – Your Journey it was my first book. I was a very good girl and did some research in local bookshops to see how books on cancer were represented – simple answer, they weren’t. The only book with the word cancer in the title was ‘Anticancer – A New Way of Life’ – which is basically a nutrition book. I spoke to a member of staff in one shop, who told me they did not buy in cancer books as they were felt to be ‘too depressing’ to have on display. So any efforts put into marketing that book to bookshops were definitely ‘barking up the wrong tree’.
But this time might be different. (more…)