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How Did Your Spiritual Adventure Start?

This week I have been looking back. I want to write about how I came to be on what I’ve decided is a spiritual adventure for the introduction in my next book.

For the beginnings to many things in our life we can look back to our childhood, but I think this is really an exception for me. I was brought up in a fairly religious family, and to begin with I felt very involved with and committed to the church. (more…)


Thought for the Week – Asking for Help

No man is an island,” the saying goes. But you could be fooled by looking at the way we often behave. I’ve been thinking about this topic because my father is having a tough time caring for my stepmother, who has dementia. He isn’t doing it alone, as my stepsisters and stepbrother do all they can to help. However, things seem to have got to a stage where that is not enough, and I am relieved that my Dad has finally asked for more help. It seems it is still difficult for him to accept this help (more…)

Book Planning Progress – Spiritual Challenges

A little while ago, I mentioned that it was about time I got back to the book I began work on when I started this blog in May. As usual, my hopes were higher than what I had the time to accomplish, but I did manage to make a start. I am now in the planning stage of this book. Originally I wasn’t sure how much planning to do, as this is a book on spiritual topics I wanted to try writing without too much planning. I can now report back that, for me at least, that idea is just a recipe for procrastination and never getting around to the writing at all. (more…)


Last night I was at my healing practice group, and just like a few weeks ago we drew an angel card each. I wanted to share what the card I had with you, and the thinking that went along with it. (more…)

Creativity, Connectedness and Challenges

I’ve been thinking about creativity over the weekend. Wondering what it is and where it comes from. What I have noticed is that when people tap into the creative process, they often seem to get to a place I recognise, a place I would describe as a spiritual one. One easy way to see this is to look at the lyrics of songs. Often we half listen to a song and don’t really think about what it says. Or we might have a preconception of a certain age of musician or judge bands based on the type of music they play. (more…)

Out on a Limb again

No, this isn’t me talking about Book 3 again, it is me coming up against the reason I started this blog in the first place – to have the courage to talk about my deep thoughts and experiences whilst working on that book as well. After my wonderful weekend at Quest, you would have thought that was enough for now, but something happened to me on Monday evening that I feel I have to share.
As you may know if you’ve been following along, one of the changes I had made just before starting this process was to join a healing group (more…)

Human, Being

I had a wonderful day out on Saturday at the Quest Natural Health Show in Devon. Although I enjoyed the whole day, my main reason for going was to attend a workshop with Tim Freke, who I mentioned right at the beginning of this blog. I wanted to give you my response to the workshop, because it really resonated with me. (more…)