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I wrote this post a couple of years ago on my Cancer Fallout Zone blog, and it came back to me after the terrible events in Conneticut last week. I was going to write about the attitudes to guns in America, but instead I wanted to focus on what it brought home to me – all the families missing loved ones, not any more than they do every day, but made harder by other people preparing to enjoy a family Christmas. I went to my younger son’s last primary school play last night, and feel very much for parents who have not had the opportunity to do that this year. My thoughts are with you

Life in the Cancer Fallout Zone

The first Christmas after losing someone dear to you, is always hard. Those around you are celebrating, spending happy times with family – or moaning about how stressful it all is.
How can you deal with this time of year when there is such a gap in your life? It’s not too late to jump off the merry-go-round if you feel it is all becoming too much for you this year. Here are a few points to consider.

  • Don’t pretend that nothing has changed – it would be false to pretend that there isn’t a gap in your family. Even children want the loss to be recognised.
  • Consider abandoning the traditional celebrations. If you have lost someone dear to you this year, you don’t owe it to anyone to fake cheerfulness if you’re not ready for it. You may get invitations from well-meaning people to spend time with them because…

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What I Believe

As promised, I have done some writing this morning for Book 3, Out on a Limb, my book about how walking a spiritual path affects your relationships with others. It is for the introduction, and is where I will share some of my belief system. This is of course a first draft and may alter later in the process of creating the book.

These are some of the things I believe. What you believe will probably be different in some ways, but will still have an impact on your life and relationships.

  • I believe that what makes me who I am began before I was born and will continue after I die.
  • I believe that I (and you, and everyone else) chose to come here into physical reality to learn something, if only how good we really have it when we are not here!
  • I believe that everything is energy masquerading as ‘stuff’.
  • I believe that it is possible whilst we are here to wake up to our true nature, to experience a part of it, and to allow through some of the energy we cut ourselves off from when we came here.
  • I believe that inviting that energy through is what I am doing when I practice healing.
  • I believe that it may not be necessary to wake up to our spiritual existence in order to fulfil our purpose in becoming physical – there may be learning to be had anyway.
  • Therefore I believe that it is fine for other people to have completely different belief systems to me (just as well, for they are going to anyway).
  • I believe that my way of thinking is my own responsibility – to question, deepen and investigate while I am here – and nobody else’s way of thinking is my business.
  • I believe that death will be like taking off a straight-jacket, and a joyful experience, possibly tinged with sadness at leaving loved ones here, but possibly not due to the different perspective. That said, I am in no hurry to go and feel I have much yet to learn and experience here, and much love to give and receive.

Well, there it is, the first, very small, piece of writing for Book 3. It was fine writing it, but it did not really work at this time in the morning as the window is too small before I head off to work. On the other hand, I could write chunks when I have my days at home, and possibly write notes and ideas down at other times of the day. It will have to be an experiment in fitting it in, and it will be interesting to see how I manage as I have a way to go.

Emotional Flight Plan

I’d like to share with you an idea taught to me by Rosie Barfoot in relation to giving talks or presentations – that of the Emotional Flight Plan. (more…)