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Be An Author Extract – Process Of Writing – Planning

The last extract from my book Be An Author was about knowing how many words to write, or in other words how long your book needs to be. Here is another extract from the chapter about the Process of Writing – this time we are finding out whether the contributing authors plan the contents of their books before writing.

Did you plan your book, or write it as it came to you? (more…)


Thought for the week – Inspiration

These thoughts for the week are completely driven by what has happened in my life during that week. And this week the feature has been inspiration. As I sat down to write this blog post, I had the distinct feeling that I have written about this before, but on checking back through thoughts for the week gone by I can’t find anything directly. Perhaps instead I simply know that I have been inspired before.
Inspiration is fascinating because you can’t force it. Instead it seems to me that it happens because you make space for it, create the eonvironment in which it can flourish. (more…)

Book Planning Progress – Spiritual Challenges

A little while ago, I mentioned that it was about time I got back to the book I began work on when I started this blog in May. As usual, my hopes were higher than what I had the time to accomplish, but I did manage to make a start. I am now in the planning stage of this book. Originally I wasn’t sure how much planning to do, as this is a book on spiritual topics I wanted to try writing without too much planning. I can now report back that, for me at least, that idea is just a recipe for procrastination and never getting around to the writing at all. (more…)

How to Plan a Book

Well, following the good advice I had yesterday, I have captured my fiction book idea on paper, and am back to focussing on my Self Publishing download. Today’s section is about planning what will go in your book. Which is quite apt really as that is what I did last night, albeit a rough sketch. (more…)

Making Space

Last week my planning had been a bit of a disaster. I had a really bad Sunday where I tried to do too much and so last week I aimed to do much less. I still didn’t quite get everything done, but at least I did make some progress. In fact I was pretty happy that I did get a little writing done on Book 3, found and learned to use a mind mapping software and planned the contents of the download that will accompany Book 2 when it comes out in September.
In the week ahead (more…)

When to Write

I’m sitting here at my computer. It is 7.37 am and I am eating my breakfast. My husband is making sure the boys have their packed lunches, breakfasts and are ready to go to school (I know, lucky aren’t I?). And I’m wondering if I ought to be able to get some writing done before I head off to work. (more…)

Emotional Flight Plan

I’d like to share with you an idea taught to me by Rosie Barfoot in relation to giving talks or presentations – that of the Emotional Flight Plan. (more…)