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Tree-Hugger – Friday Fictioneers

I wasn’t sure if I would manage to write a story this week, what with having no computer of my own and borrowing time on hubby’s, but I had so much fun last week and was made so welcome I thought I would have a try.

Friday Fictioneers is organised by Madison Woods and involves writing a 100-word story based on the photo prompt. This week’s photo prompt is shown below, and the link to all the other stories is shown below my offering.

Photo copyright Lura Helms



“I suppose all your tree-hugger friends will be there. You’d all have been burned as witches back in the day, you know.”

She didn’t expect him to agree with all her beliefs, but did he have to be so vicious in his condemnation, she wondered. His aura could really do with a good cleanse.

Jennifer shut the door behind her without dignifying his remarks with a reply, and her mood lifted.

In fact, she was only meeting one friend tonight, and it wouldn’t be trees they were hugging, either. But their spouses didn’t need to know that, did they?


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