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Be An Author Interview – Shirley Ford, Author of Every Why and Be Mindful

Shirley Ford
Today we have another interview with a self-published author, Shirley Ford, who also happens to live in the same village as me (what a creative place!) Shirley Ford, originally a director of an import/export company, at the age of fifty-five suddenly changed direction. She became a carer for the elderly in their own homes. It meant much less money, but a far more rewarding career. Whilst working as a carer, she realised how touch was so important to her clients, such as holding a hand, or washing their feet. She took a course in Reflexology so that she could give hands on treatment to her elderly clients. Shirley has moved around extensively around England and Wales, but has now retired and lives in Dorset, where she enjoys long walks on the beach, reading and of course writing. She has attended various writing courses and workshops. Shirley runs a writing group in her local village called the Jurassic Coast Writers. She belongs to a local book club, and an English Country Dance group; but one of her passions is Tai Chi; she regularly attends classes and recently took part in World Tai Chi Day in Exeter in Devon. She has published two novels; Every Why and Be Mindful available as ebooks.

And now on to the interview. Thank you for joining us today Shirley. Can I start by asking:
Where did you first get the idea to write a book? (more…)


Friday Fictioneers – Two Years Later

I’m not here at all, this post is a figment of your imagination. Seriously, I am away with no internet access, and I’m going too early to see this week’s picture prompt, much less write a story. What was I to do? Resist the addiction of Friday Fictioneers, or give in to it shamelessly? I decided to do the latter, and so I’m revisiting an old story. This is one that stayed with me, and decided it wants to be a bigger tale one day. (more…)

Friday Fictioneers – The One That Got Away

This is my submission this week for the Friday Fictioneers 100 word flash fiction story based on a photo prompt. The whole shebang is hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, and this week the photo is Rochelle’s as well. Usual copyright restrictions apply. Please feel free to join in. All the rules are on Rochelle’s blog, and this is a friendly and constructive group. You can read all the other stories by clicking the blue alien I will hopefully remember to add after my story.

This week I need to add a WARNING – please note that my story contains expletives. For those who said ‘oh good’, you won’t have long to wait. You may have to deal with being underwhelmed, though.


The One That Got Away

Damn! he thought. Bloody phone always rings when you’ve got a live one on the hook. He’d decided he was going to flog that dusty menorah to the old lady with the wart, but the insistent ringing had given her the wriggle room needed to escape his patter.
Justin snatched the receiver from its cradle. “Oakapple Antiques.” No effort to curb the irritation dripping from his clipped tones. “Mabel, is that Mabel?” came the quavering reply.
“Do I sound like a Mabel?” Justin slammed the receiver back, knocking the phone over, only then noticing the tightly wound flex, leading nowhere.

100 words


What is Genre and Why Does it Matter?

I am a newcomer to writing fiction, as my first two books have been non-fiction – one about how life is affected by a friend or family member’s cancer, the other on what it might be like to Be An Author. So when I was asked to label the genre of one of my flash fiction stories I was a bit nonplussed.
Always one to rise to a challenge, I decided it was time to fill in the gaps in my knowledge and find out more.
For the purposes of this post, I will be looking at genre as it relates to fiction. Looking online results in a bewilderingly long list of potential fiction genres, but as far as I can see the main ones are: (more…)

Friday Fictioneers – Two Efforts

It’s Friday, everyone else in the house is still abed, yet I have two more days of work before I stop for Christmas. But then a lovely long break to look forward to.
You can blame my busy week if you like, but I’m not especially happy with my efforts for Friday Fictioneers this week – which is why you are getting two of them. (more…)

Friday Fictioneers – World Building

Posting early again this week – I think it’s getting to be a habit. I found the picture prompt for this week’s Friday Fictioneers a bit challenging, and rejected at least two directions before settling for this. As always, comments or suggestions are welcome. This week’s picture is courtesy of and copyright Doug MacIlroy. Thanks for making me scratch my head, Doug.

To find out more about Friday Fictioneers, visit Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. To read the other stories this week, click on the blue linky-blob and you’ll get the list, which will keep on expaning through the weekend and beyond.


World Building

When I was a child, my mother called me selfish. Perhaps that is why I now spend time healing or caring for others. She also said I would never amount to anything, and perhaps she was right; unless you can call a happy marriage and raising two kids amounting to something.

In many ways, you could say my mother built my world.

I will not repeat the derision I was subjected to. I am always cheering my children on and celebrating every accomplishment. I wonder what kind of world I am building for them, and if they will appreciate it?


Friday Fictioneers – Market Blues

Better late than never – here is my entry for this week’s Friday Fictioneers extravaganza, where writers from around the world weave a hundred word story around the photo prompt of the week. This week’s picture is copyright Ted Strutz and the whole shebang is now hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. (more…)