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Friday Fictioneers – Cyber-Museum

I was beginning to think my muse was never going to return from whatever part of the cosmos she has been touring. Last week and this I’ve had aborted attempts at a story that just haven’t satisfied me enough to publish. So I was saved this week by a late thought that crept in at the last minute. I’m not saying it’s a perfect story, but hope it’s good enough to pass muster. (more…)


FF – Come To The Masquerade

I couldn’t allow my family to show me up this week. And besides it was such a great picture prompt to work with. So here is my offering for this week’s Friday Fictioneers. As always, rules can be found at the online home of our host Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. This week’s picture is by Kent Bonham, and is apparently from Barcelona, although that is not where I go in my story. To read this week’s other stories, all you need to do is click on the Linx creature below my story.


Friday Fictioneers – Skills

Welcome to Friday. Today the sun is shining, and I have another little offering for Friday Fictioneers, the 100-word flash fiction challenge hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. I am still trying to stick to exactly one hundred words, which gives me practice at editing! No fairies this week, just general fiction. This week’s photo prompt is courtesy of Claire Fuller, so please respect her copyright, and if you fancy joining in, the rules can be found at Rochelle’s blog.


Friday Fictioneers – Escape

Well, I managed to post a story last week, but that was about as far as it got. Thank you very much to everyone who visited and apologies for not returning the favour. I’m a bit more ‘present’ this week so should manage to get around some of the stories.

For anyone not already aware, this is Friday Fictioneers, a writing challenge hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Simply write a hundred word piece of flash fiction based on the photo prompt. This week’s prompt (courtesy of Janet Webb) is shown below, and full details are at Rochelle’s blog. As always I welcome your comments and constructive criticism.

Copyright Janet Webb


FF – Moving On

Ah, that’s better. It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the Orchard household, so apologies for our absence. This was a truly lovely picture prompt (courtesy of Sandra Crook) for the Friday Fictioneers flash fiction challenge. This is managed by our host Rochelle Wisoff-Fields over at her blog Addicted to Purple, otherwise known as Friday Fictioneers Central. Sorry for going AWOL boss! And apologies to Sandra for the fact my story is only very loosely related to the prompt at all. My story follows the picture and the rest of this week’s stories can be found by clicking on the blue link monster.

Copyright Sandra Crook


Moving On (more…)

FF – Feel The Fear

Another week and a new look at Anne Orchard central. I really struggled with an idea for the story this week, I have no idea why. So this week’s Friday Fictioneers offering has only tangential reference to the picture prompt. This week’s picture is from Doug MacIlroy, so please respect his copyright. All the instructions for taking part in this 100-word flash fiction blog challenge can by found at the blog of our esteemed leader, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. This week’s other stories are found by clicking on the blue fella under my story. And finally you will see a request from me for some assistance if you are visiting before Saturday and you can spare me a few moments.


Feel The Fear (more…)

Friday Fictioneers – Tomorrow

Another week and another intriguing flash fiction prompt in the entertainment that is Friday(ish) Fictioneers. You too can join in this fun activity if you check out the rules on our esteemed host Rochelle’s blog. And so without further ado, here is the inspirational picture, from Lora Mitchell. My story follows, and then you will find the linky critter who looks after all the week’s stories so uncomplainingly. Click on him to view this week’s other offerings.


Tomorrow (more…)