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Making Some Progress

I decided this week that it was about time that I returned to making some progress on my next book. Today I managed to remind myself of the thoughts I have had so far regarding the book structure, and put them together in a mind map. It is now my intention to look at each of the topics in more detail, one day at a time, then add the points into the mind map. (more…)


How to Plan a Book

Well, following the good advice I had yesterday, I have captured my fiction book idea on paper, and am back to focussing on my Self Publishing download. Today’s section is about planning what will go in your book. Which is quite apt really as that is what I did last night, albeit a rough sketch. (more…)

The Power of Free

Today I’m back making progress on Book 2, my book for writers. As I said before, for this book I have a publisher, and that’s not something I’m used to. I’m loving the editorial input, and not feeling like I’m in it on my own. But today I came up against the fact that I am also not in control. (more…)