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Learn How A Book Is Formatted – Part 2

This is a further extract from the forthcoming download Pulish Your Book on a Shoestring Using Lulu Print on Demand. Last week we began the process of looking at the inside of a book to study the elements of book formatting. You can read that extract here. Today we continue with that process. (more…)


Learn How a Book Is Formatted – Part 1

Continuing with the extracts from my download, Publish Your Book on a Shoestring Using Lulu Print-on-Demand, we are now dealing with how the inside of a book is laid out. Part 2 will follow next week and if you want to see the previous extracts you can do so here.

“In order for your book to look right when it is printed, you have to have it in the correct format before you load it up (more…)

Choosing a Print on Demand Company – Distribution

I was asked recently for my thoughts on a particular print on demand company. This company, unlike many, is actually based in the UK. For a UK resident, that would seem to be a really good thing. So I optimistically started to investigate. The brochure I had been forwarded looked super, the packages were priced sensibly (very important in my book), not inviting you to sped thousands that you will have trouble recouping, and you could buy additional services such as editing individually from a menu.
So far, all looking good. Then I applied a simple test to their distribution. I visited the company’s website, found some books they featured, and then looked for them on Amazon. Oh dear. Yes, the books were there, and the print-on-demand company was listed as a seller for the books. But one thing was missing. The all-important ‘in stock’ label for Amazon itself. Not one of the titles I looked up was in stock at Amazon’s warehouse and ready to be shipped. Does this matter, given that they are in stock at the p-o-d company and ready to be shipped by them? You bet it does.
I am an Amazon fan. I use it all the time to buy things. You know where you are with Amazon, and when items you buy will arrive. That’s not to say that I won’t buy from other sellers on the Amazon marketplace, but I am far more likely to buy from Amazon itself, especially as we have subscribed to Amazon Prime which gives you unlimited next day delivery. There are many people just like me, in fact many will never even see the other seller options, just look at the ‘out of stock’ status and move on to another book.
By having your book in stock at Amazon, you dramatically increase the chances of it selling. Most people on the internet are looking for information. This means they are not automatically in buying mode. But on Amazon the reverse is true – most people on the site at any time are looking to buy something. This is an absolute gift to an author. So make it easy for them to buy. Use a print-on-demand company which has an arrangement with Amazon to keep books in stock. Then you won’t ever have to do anything to make sure your book is available now to those people who make it onto your book’s page.
There are several print-on-demand companies which can achieve this for your book. The one I use is lulu.com, and I’ll be writing more about how you can publish your book using their services in my soon-to-be-available free download ‘Publish Your Book on a Shoestring’. Keep an eye out, I’m in the editing stage now and it will be coming out in the next few weeks.

Be An Author

Here it is – Be An Author is available now!

Whilst the official launch is tomorrow at the Charmouth Literary Festival, you can already buy Be An Author through the distributor Lulu.com. (More purchasing options coming soon.)

This is a book for any flegdling writer who wonders how other authors got their start and would like to be inspired to take their own writing to the next level.

The free download which accompanies the book ‘Publish Your Book on a Shoestring using Lulu Print on Demand’ is still a work in progress, but will be available soon. In the meantime you can find some excerpts in the ‘Publish Your Book’ category on this blog.

I would just like to say thanks to my publisher, Linda. However much I love self-publishing, it has been great to be part of a team with this book.