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How Forgiving Are You As A Reader?

As I mentioned before, I am enjoying using my new Kindle to explore independent authors and self-published books. I’m really enjoying it, too, and am finding some great ways to find these books. It has, however, brought up the issue of quality again. I wrote on here before about the importance of editorial input, but it seems that there are plenty of books out there which haven’t had much if any of that kind of input.
Of the two that I am particularly thinking about, the first had some typos, grammatical errors, and problems with sentence structure which made the sense difficult to follow. All of these are mistakes that I regularly make in my writing, too, as does everyone I believe when they are in the flow of creation. I do try hard to eliminate them on editing, though, and my husband is especially good at spotting them too. I loved the story in this particular book and forgave it, but had to keep on doing so throughout the story, which I thought was a shame. When I reviewed the book, though, I couldn’t bring myself to mention it. Am I a coward, or just sensitive to how it feels to have negative aspects commented on so publicly?
The one I’m struggling with at the moment is a consistent mis-spelling of the word ‘prized’ meaning ‘held to be of great value’ as ‘prised’ which should mean ‘removed from a tight grip’. The same applies to ‘prise’ for ‘prize’ and so far it keeps cropping up in the book. It’s making me trip up every time I come across it. What I want is to be able to read smoothly without really thinking about the words individually, and things like this stop me in my tracks.
So I’m wondering how others feel. Do you mind errors in books? Does how much you pay for them make a difference to how you feel? Is it fair enough for a self-published book to have some errors as they do not have the resources of a publisher – and are traditional publishers immune to errors in books? Or should a self-published author not have the temerity to put out a book unless it has been checked over by someone else? I would love to hear what you think in the comments, and as I am still working on my self-publishing download what you think will benefit self-publishers of the future too. I’m going to add a little poll too, so that we can build up a balance of opinion.


Who Are Your Readers?

Continuing from yesterday’s post on Why Self Publish? This is the next step – identifying your potential readers.
“As tempting as it is to say ‘Everyone should read my book’ or ‘This book will appeal to a broad market’, this is not really very helpful to you. What you need is to know more about the people who will read your book. (more…)