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Create a Marketing Plan for Your Book

Right, back to business (temporarily at least). Here’s a little bit more of the download I am writing about self-publishing. (To follow this from the beginning go to the Publish Your Book category) I should share that I haven’t done this for my next book ‘Be An Author’ yet as that is traditionally published and I am waiting to see the plan from the publisher at the moment. I don’t think all the responsibility rests with the publisher, though, so I will end up with a plan of actions I need to take. (more…)


Problems and Benefits to Your Readers

Following on from Who Are Your Readers?, this is the next step in preparation for self publishing. (more…)

Why Self Publish?

Today I thought I would share with you one of the first sections of the free download I am creating to accompany Book 2, my book for writers. The working title for this download is How to Publish Your Book on a Shoestring using Lulu Print on Demand and so far I have written the introduction and the first section, which is what I am going to share today. Here is the first step: (more…)