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Their Cancer – Your Journey

This is my first book, which was written for all the friends and family members who also face challenges and life changes after a loved one’s cancer diagnosis. They find themselves in what I call the Cancer Fallout Zone.
It is my firm belief that however awful a place this is to be, there is still much you can do to change things, even if only your own response to events. I think it is important to acknowledge and address your own feelings, care for yourself as well as the person who has cancer, and face whatever the future holds.
This book will help you on your journey with another’s illness.

You can buy Their Cancer – Your Journey in any of the following ways:
As a paperback on Lulu.com
As a paperback on Amazon.co.uk
As a paperback on Amazon.com
As an eBook (ePub for Nook and Sony PRS) on Lulu.com

You can also get the first chapter to download at my website Families Facing Cancer, where we also have a giveaway at the moment to any cancer support group, information centre or hospice. See here for more information.


Comments on: "Their Cancer – Your Journey" (6)

  1. I am in the midst of my own Cancer book. I chose to call mine : The Other Cancer Survivor: How I Survive the Disease that Took My Family Away.

  2. I will buy your book. I know only too well what it is to be in that place, the shock, the pain, the disbelief, the despair and anger; but also the miracles. Ann

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